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* Okay, this is based on the series, it's just a random story I came up with so I hope you like it.*

It was a chilly November morning in Atlanta, Georgia. A thin layer of fog covered the city like a blanket. An alarm went of in the McCall household, waking 16 year old Scott from his fitful slumber. His eyes fluttered open and he hit his alarm clock to shut it off. Usually, he would get right up and start getting ready for school, but this morning he felt like crap. His head hurt, his nose was stuffed up, and he was extremely tired.

" Huhtschooo!"

He sneezed and wiped his nose on his sleeve. He shivered before snuggling back under the covers. He closed his eyes and started to fall back asleep until his mom came into his room.

" Scott, get up. You're going to be late for school." Scott groaned and turned over.

" Scott, get up." she said. Scott didn't respond and his mom sat on the edge of his bed.

" Scott, seriously you need to get up." He pulled the covers over his head. His mom pulled the covers from over his face.

" Come on, get up."

" Huhtschooo!"

Scott sneezed into the crook of his arm and sniffed loudly.

" Are you feeling okay?" His mom asked with a look of worry tattooed across her face.

" No." he muttered into his pillow. Scott's mom placed a soothing hand on her sons burning forehead and winced at the radiation coming from it. She sighed and grabbed a thermometer. She stuck the medical instrument in his mouth and waited for it to display the results. after a couple seconds, it beeped and his mom quickly took it out.

" 101.2," She reported." Yep, you're staying home."

Scott groaned again before quickly cupping his hands over his mouth

" Hahtschooo!"

" Bless you." His mom said. Scott coughed a little before pulling the covers tighter around his shivering body.

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I love this show! And I'm loving this fic! I was wondering when I would start seeing Teen Wolf fics. Anyways please please continue! :winkkiss:

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OMG! You totally stole my idea! Grrrr. :wub: JK! :laugh: You posted first therefore it's your idea. :winkkiss: Oh well. Hope you don't mind if I write a Teen Wolf fic myself? Great chapter! Update soon!

BYE! :laugh:

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obsessed- thanks hun :)

Bubbles!- I've been waiting for someone to post a fic like this so I'd love if you wrote one

Whysprr- thanks and me too. I got tired of waiting so I decided to make my own

ickydog2006- there will be :)


" Huhtschooo!"

Scott sneezed wearily into his hands before slowly sitting up. He sniffed loudly and wiped his nose on his sleeve. He mustered his strength together and wandered to the bathroom with his blanket wrapped tightly around him. He looked at his rather pale completion in the mirror. He rubbed his cheek, examining the rosy red tint that glowed from them. As he studied his reflection, he felt a small tickle in his nose, causing him to quickly reach for a tissue.

" Hah... Hahtschooo!"

He groaned and grabbed the box of tissues before trekking back to his room and collapsing on his bed. Scott didn't know exactly how he got sick because he hadn't been around anyone who was or had been sick. As he laid there, deep in thought, he remembered what happened last night. He had snuck over to Alison's house on his bike and ended up having to ride home in the freezing cold rain. Scott loved Alison more than anything in the world, but judging on how poorly he felt, he regretted going over there.

" Hehtschooo!"

He sneezed into a tissue and blew his nose for the millionth time today

" Here," His mom said as she walked into his room." Take this." She handed Scott a small white cap with medicine swishing around in it. He hesitated for a moment before handing it back to his mom and quickly cupping his hands around his mouth.

" What are you-"" Hahtschooo!"

He groaned and grabbed the medicine from his mom and drank it swiftly. He coughed a little before snuggling under the covers of his nice warm bed. His mom smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

" Feel better."

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Yay another update!! Ohhh I don't think I would mind if Allison's exposure turned into her getting sick :lol: Anyways great part! Thanks for the update! Please continue :D

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