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Catching a cold


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So I've noticed that a lot of people have different opinions about this all over the forum. Some people HATE catching cold, or just getting sick in general, and others love it. So, do you love catching colds, or do you hate it? What do your symptoms usually entail? Does medicine work for you? How long do your colds usually last? How often do you get sick? Do you go out when you're sick? And any other info you'd like to share about your colds, have at it!

I personally HATE catching colds. Mostly because I have a lot of responsibilities, and getting sick is such a pain when I've got so many things to do. I also hate it because my colds only affect my throat, mostly. My symptoms are almost always just a sore throat and a headache. I reeeally envy those whose colds affect their nose; Because a sore throat is SUCH a pain in the ass for me. I personally wouldn't want any symptoms at all, but if I had to choose, then I'd pick anything but a hurting throat. Medication hardly ever works for me, God knows why, and my colds usually last about four to six days. I try not to go out or be around other people when I'm sick, because if they catch what I have, I would just hate myself. And I don't get sick as much as some of the people I know, thank God. I probably get sick about five times a year, but that's usually strep throat or a viral infection. :D But an actual cold...wow, I don't think I've had one in over a year. :blushing:

But, yes, just share your opinion and facts on your colds. If you'd like to, of course. :)

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I really hate getting sick. Being a teacher I am exposed to lots of nasty germs and usually get a cold about two or three times a year. The problem is, it's never just a cold for me. I usually end up with sinus infections, ear infections or strep in addition to the cold.

Unfortunately, my colds are rarely sneezy and usually entail a lot of coughing, gross congestion, and the need to blow my nose a lot. The symptoms are heavy for 4 or 5 days, but the coughing seems to last for several weeks. I hate it. I usually end up going to the dr because I need antibiotics. It's such a pain in the ass.

I'm about to start school in a week and will probably be getting my "back to school cold" shortly after ... NOT looking forward to that!

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Well when the cold is just getting started with the whole scratchy throat thing then i don't like it. But once it goes into full force, I kind of enjoy it..except for random coughing fits that seem to come at the wrong time when i was in school >_>.

It's the most wonderful feeling to sneeze while having a cold for me. I only hate having a cold when i want to go to sleep. Because my nose would be all stuffy..but then that's the power of nighttime cold medicine lol

Before i discovered i had a fetish i would always then wonder why i would be bummed out when i was getting over the cold i had...i realize why now :drool:

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Hmm. I kind of have cold envy if I'm healthy and am wanting to sneeze more, effortless frequent sneezes...but then when I feel that yucky "runny" throat feeling, the pre-cold symptom, and heavy, stuffy, achey head, I suddenly get like NO NO! GO AWAY! I don't want to be sick anymore!

But when I do get a cold, it's only the sneezing that I enjoy. Nothing else. The throat yuckiness and headache get me down...the constant blowing of the nose annoys me...and if I can't sneeze openly (like if I'm surrounded by people), then it's horrible because the constant itchy pre-sneezy feeling drives me insane if I can't sneeze a lot and get it out.

I also don't like the random gushing of my nose at times...if I glance downward, my nose will turn on like a tap. It's embarrassing when that happens in public.

Generally the throat phase lasts 1 day, then I have 1 day when I feel ok but like I'm waiting to get the proper cold, and then the intense sneezy / runny / snotty phase lasts for about 2-3 days...and then I feel yuck but not too bad and the symptoms lessen...basically, the whole cold will be gone in a week or less.

The cough...it depends. If I get a cough with a cold, it'll either be a dry, annoying, reactive cough, and I don't care for that...luckily that only lasts for a few days though, if it happens at all...either that, or I'll get more of a chesty, phlegm-based cough, which can last for about a week.

I don't mind those types of coughs, as long as they don't get out of control and turn into Bronchitis. That's bad when that happens, which luckily is very rare for me now.

I do go out in public when I'm sick. I take 1-2 days off work during the worst of the cold, mainly for embarrassment...I can't stand sneezing and nose-symptoms in front of people I know. But I'll go out...brief outings...spend a lot of time lying on the couch...yeah.

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Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. I'm one of those pretty healthy people that rarely get colds. Every once in awhile, when someone around me is sick with a cold, I get alittle envious. Especially when they are getting attention for it. He he he. And there are certain aspects of colds that I do enjoy. I like it when my voice gets a little more husky than normal, because I do have a little kid kind of voice. I don't know how many times I've been asked on the phone by a sales person if my mom or dad is around. :P

However, I don't get sneezy colds like a lot of people. Generally, I get congested, have all the symptoms in my throat, and cough a lot with my colds. I have had colds where my nose tickles a lot, but that doesn't always lead to a lot of sneezes. If I knew it'd be a sneezy cold for me, I might enjoy it more.

But, for the symptoms I tend to get when I get a cold, I'd have to say I'd rather not have one. B)

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I find it interesting and inspiring. At first. It gets old pretty quickly, though. :P

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I, too, have cold envy. While my various allergies do make me sneeze quite a bit, they are almost always the rapid-fire, non-stop allergy sneezes. My cold sneezes are far more enjoyable as they itch, tingle and tease my nose. The buildups are endless. There's actual hitching involved, and unlike my allergy sneezes, only one or two come out at a time. I do have endless sneezes during my cold, and they feel oh so good!

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I'm not really a fan of colds or illness. When I get sick every so often, I find it a nuisance, always. When I was little, I never considered it a part of my fetish if I got sick, or if the people around me did. Watching it on the television or reading about it was different, though, I was interested in that. But I'm not anymore.

EDIT: Though, I guess that's not completely true. I like colds if it's certain characters, not messy, and if they're in denial. But I'm very picky about it. xD;

Allergies are a different story though.. xD

I can see why some people would be intrigued by getting themselves sick, but it still worries me when people go to certain measures to try to catch germs. To each their own, but it seems rather dangerous to me.

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Someone who apparently quite likes catching a cold every now and then, is the Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman. She wrote on her Twitter that she had gotten herself a cold, and that the timing couldn't be better. She has actually twittered about this before; how she's actually been going to lengths to catch a cold when she doesn't have a lot of work ahead. Funny. :P

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I kind of like how I can prove how tough I am by not letting anyone notice that i'm sick. And I like that my husband is at least 50% likely to catch it, but other than that, I prefer not.

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I reeeally envy those whose colds affect their nose; Because a sore throat is SUCH a pain in the ass for me. I personally wouldn't want any symptoms at all, but if I had to choose, then I'd pick anything but a hurting throat.

Ditto for me there! I like the "idea" of getting sick, I guess, as long as it's tolerable and I get the symptoms I want! :) Those symptoms would be sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, and maybe just a touch of fatigue or headache to top off the "sick experience," if you will. Sore throats can go die in a hole :P But that's the thing - I almost always get the throat end of the deal when I do catch a cold, but rarely sneezing. Yeah, I'll get the congestion too, but I've had maybe two "sneezy" colds in my life :P So that's basically it - if nature would just get it right, I would always love getting colds xD

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Add me to those who LOVE getting sneezy colds with nasal symptoms, but very often seem these days to get just the sore throat and a few horrible days of mild fever .... which is just extremely frustrating if it doesn't turn into something else! I'm sure when I was young it happened less often that way.

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I tend to catch VERY sneezy colds. They are a nuisance in terms of body building training, Thankfully they usually last 1-2 days. But mine kind be annoyingly sneezy, although im sure people from the forum would love to hear lol.

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i hate getting colds..i never get anything good outa them..i can always tell when im gonna get one too; i always get a weird feeling in the back of my throat the day before. they make me sneeze more than usual but not that much more, and colds mess up my throat and make me lose my voice every time..and then after im over all my other symptoms ill have this stupid cough that lasts forever, which keeps me up all night from not being able to breathe right. so yeah...id rather get something ripped out of my body than get sick

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The ONLY part of getting a cold that I enjoy is (surprise, surprise!) the sneezing. I generally hate feeling ill, especially if it involves headaches, a sore throat, dizziness, my whole body aching and basically feeling like crap. But a good sneezy cold that takes up residence in my nose and doesn't affect the rest of my body I find to be an immensely pleasurable experience. Sadly I don't seem to get them very often (it's normally the other type that my immune system succumbs to) but in the past some of the most arousing sneezing fits I've ever had have been the result of having a cold.

I have to admit I do get pretty bad cold envy. I used to live with a couple of people (one girl and one guy) who seemed to always catch INCREDIBLY sneezy colds. The girl's sneezes would come in fairly rapid fits of up to 10 - her sneezes sound like "hi'NGSHHhhtchiew!" and would get steadily wetter and more forceful as the fit went on - so although I was jealous of her sickness I did at least get to enjoy it :D :D But when the guy would get sick and sneeze his long, drawn-out fits of half-stifled "hehngxxt-CHOO"s I just found myself cursing his good fortune and wishing that I could be so effortlessly sneezy. :bleh:

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