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Hailey and Mike


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So this is my first story. I hopes it's ok. So before I ramble here goes.

Hailey Johnson:


Lives with boyfriend Mike

Average height, brunette, beautiful baby blue eyes

Has 5 sisters: Christina 18, Katherine 16, Amy 13, Lauren 8, Lisa 5

Has severe allergies: pollen dust animals mold perfume

Gets sick somewhat easily 

Mike Napo:


Lives with girlfriend Hailey

Tall-ish, blond hair, brown eyes like light brown

Has 3 brothers: Nick 19, Alex 14, Brian 10

Gets sick really easily 

Hailey POV

It was like any other morning, or so I thougt. I woke up and had a massive sneezing fit attempting to stifle so that Kik wouldn't wake up. Mostly they came out like huphchoo. After about 5 minutes of continuous sneezing. I got up to take a shower and get ready for my long day. My family was coming to visit us since I moved out. They were so happy they love Mike.  After my shower I woke Mike. 

"Mike baby it's time to wake up." I said softly into his ear. 

"mording Hales. I dodt feel great." he said with a cough. 

" Aw Mike youre sick again. You dont feel warm, does your throat hurt?"

"kinda," his breathing changed and he started to hitch hi hi hi hiaschew! *sniff "wadnt your family comidg today?"

"yes but I can call and cancel if you don't feel well."

"Do I'm fide." walking to the bathroom he started to have a coughing fit. 

"Are you sure? You have quite a cough."

"i'b sure" 


As he's getting ready I start cleaning the house which I don't do often because it most of the time ends in a sneezing fit with red eyes. soon enough my breathes start hitching hashoo hashoo hashoo 'oh no' I thought I knew how this would end. Hashoo hashoo hashoo. Due to my severe allergy to dust my eyes were quickly becoming itchy and red. 

Mike finished his shower and came out when I was in the middle of my fit.

"baby? You dere?"

"hashoo yes, allergies are acting up hashoo hashoo hashoo!"

After 15 minutes my sneezing calmed down, but I was left incrediably stuffy. Mike and I were cuddling on the couch and he asks me.

"Babe, grab the bladket?"

"are you cold?"

"a little. Cough"

"bike I thidk we deed to cadcel, you obviously have a fever dow."

"do i'b fide."

" Bike, you are burdidg up. I dodt wad to expose other people to the gerbs, I will bost likely catch your code, but I dodt wad by sisters too."

"ok I will call your fabily, I wad you to blow your dose, after that last fit you soud so codgested." grabbing a handful of tissues we blow our noses. Then he called my family explaining that he was really sick and didn't want them to catch it. After the phone call I curled up into his chest and we fell asleep. After a few hours I woke up with a massive headache and incredibly stuffy nose. 

"Bike baby wake up"

"Baby? *cough* whats wrodg?"

"I dodt feel well haschew haschew haschew!"

I hope it's ok. Review if you want more

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Part 2

"aww hales, you caught by code."

Mike's POV

My poor Hailey, I feel bad that she is sick, and it is all my fault. we both have pretty crappy immune systems and when on is sick the other is sure to get it. But with her allergies she is so miserable.

Memory from our first date back when she was 18.

I was nervous. I saw this girl and just did what my heart wanted. I asked her out. Now it was our first date. I didn't know what she liked so I went with a nice bunch of flowers and the new cologne that I got. Then I drove to the address she gave me.

"Hi, is Hailey here?" I asked her father who answered the door.

"Yes, one second, Lauren go get Hailey, I think she is in her room," answered her father. When the little girl came back. I saw the similarity between the two girls. One was taller but they looked exactly the same. She came down looking amazing.

"Hi, you look-" I paused not knowing what to say.

"I look?" she asked wondering what the rest of my sentence was.

"You look amazing" I answer quickly.

"Thanks, Daddy, I will be home late so don't wait up."

"Okay baby." her father answered to her.

Turning she talked to the little girl who i later learned was only one of five sisters.

"Lauren, can you say bye to everyone else?"

"Okay," said the little girl as she ran away.

Taking her to my car, i gave her the flowers hoping that she liked them. Big Mistake.

"Oh, ha ha ha hatissew, you got me flowers, hatissew."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked wondering if I did the wrong thing.

"Do, hatissew, I lobe theb. I'b just hatissew hatissew hatissew, really allergic to hatissew a few things."

"Really? OH I'm so sorry, what else are you allergic to?" i asked wondering so that I could be aware.

"Pollen, hatissew dust, add hatissew perfume. Basically any scent and trigger a reaction."

"Oh," I suddenly remembered my cologne.

After awhile the sneezing calmed down and she could breade as she put it a little better. When i dropped her off she started sneezing again.

"tha, tha, hatissew thadks. hatissew hatissew I had a great dight."

I said goodbye and gentle kissed her on the forehead and hoped I would see her again.

After making tea, I walked back into our room, and my angel was sound asleep. Bless her soul, she was snoring loudly, I knew she felt awful so i wanted to give her some medicine hoping it would relieve her of symptoms somewhat quickly.

"Baby, wake up,"

"Bike, how are you feelidg?"

"Dot great. I'b really congested, what about you?"

"Biserable, I cadt bread out of by dose"

Feeling her forehead she felt a little warm.

"Hales, i thick you have a fever,"

"I dow (know) i do, its just how high."

Taking her temperature it was at solid 101, we both snuggled close keeping each other warm, and fell asleep again.

Don't forget to review.... I hopes its ok, its my first attempt.. as said before

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