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Sorry for the lame title but couldn't exactly think of an amazing title right now.....anyway.......

Ok so a few minutes ago I was sitting on the couch watching an episode of CSI :heart: on tv and I guess I swallowed wrong or something becasue I started coughing, and I mean harsh tear your throat out coughing. The kind that hurts like hell! I quickly got up from the couch to go into another room (my mom was outside and I didn't exactly want to be around ya know?) The coughing made me sneeze 3 times for some reason and then cough a little more. I don't really know how to describe the sneezes, and I was a little more concerned with the coughing than anything so sorry for no detailed description. My throat still hurts even now. :laugh:

This other ob happened about a week ago or more I don't remember. Anyway, me and some of my family and a couple neighbors of mine were helping my grandmother move into her new appartment and as we were walking to the elevator and while we were in the elevator my uncle sneezed like 6 loud sneezes, and he's like "I'm not even allergic to anything." I wanted to crawl into a hole at that moment. I'm sorry but I hate family sneezes. they are just sooo..... :gah: When we finally took a break when mainly everything was set up my uncle sneezed again like 3 more times and my brother sneezed like 3 times. no offence but it was really annoying. I wanted to get out of there so fast.

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