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Colds (self, friend and BF)


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So, my bf had a cold a week ago, and we also had some friends in town. He was getting sick but had a LOT of work to do, so I kept bringing him care packages at work (dayquil, cough drops, vitamin water, vitamin C, airborne and tea with honey) I spoil him :heart: It makes me feel good to take care of him...and honestly, makes me feel involved enough that if I miss some sneezes while he is at work, I'm not all stressed about it (if any of you remember my previous posts). So, before he went to work I put all this stuff together and made him pancakes, and my two friends were telling me they wished I could take care of them like that. :laugh: Yay! I'm a good caretaker! Then my one friend got sick, so she sort of got her wish! haha.

My bf came home from work on the 2nd day and said that I kicked his cold in the butt, and he was feeling a lot better. Yay! I only missed on sneeze while he was at work, a quick heh-CHOO which he didn't even need the light to coax it out (unusual for him).

Then, when he was home and feeling better, I asked if he would induce for me. When he is sick, sometimes he gets doubles, and it makes me MELT! So, he induced his first one and told me that was what the one at work sounded like (so yay! I sort of got to hear it haha) and then was talking, stopped opened his mouth, and looked at the light, and sneezed again! YES! A DOUBLE! RARE! *is a dork*

anyways, he induced again the next night and he was feeling a lot better so it was more like his usual sneezes, which are yummy too so it was a great night. Then my friend was sick, and the weird thing is....she is usually REALLY sneezy! While she was here I heard like...4 a day. She ranges from stifles to pretty loud normal ones she lets out. A range from hehnkkt, to HAAAASHHHOOOOO! I prefer her stifles. Sometimes she builds up and touches her nose, and sometimes they just come out quickly with no warning.

Well, when she was sick, she didn't sneeze. Except once..and it was YUCK. Like, I so did not enjoy the sound at all. It was dry, harsh, throaty. :gah: I told my bf, and he felt bad for me. hehe.

Anyways, I got sick, and though the day or two before I was sick I sneezed a bunch, when I was actually sick, I didn't sneeze either, like my friend (come to think of it, when my bf is sick is the only time he really might sneeze, and he only had the one, so I guess this is a dumb non-sneezy cold!) So, I had a full 2 days where I felt like I had to sneeze, and I would have a burning in one nostril and I would build and build, and then it would disappear! So disappointing. We were staying at my bf's family's house, and on our way to sleep, after about 4 hours of waiting for this sneeze, I sneezed hehashoooo! But it was loud, andrough, and I didn't like it (anyone ever have a moment where it is like...if I heard that sneeze on someone else I would cringe? That makes me cringe, knowing it was me haha) My bf blessed me, and I said thank you, I had been waiting forever for that. I sniffled my way to sleep.

The next day we went to this big time party at a very well off friend's house. He was showing us the wine cellar, and art studio, and in the studio my bf was talking to me, and I thought I was going to sneeze. I saw him see me scrunch my nose up and wiggle is, and rub it. He smiled, knowingly. Later, I built up again (using his back as a block, as we were around a lot of people) but nothing happened. Finally, in the car on the way home, I built up silently, and snapped forward with a powerful ASSSHoooo! It sounded awful. And I told my bf how embarassed I was. As he does not have the fetish..he was like, don't worry about it. I'm not like you in caring about the sounds haha.

That was pretty much it. I slept in yesterday and was feeling better, but woke up today feeling worse. Congested, deep coughs, tired as hell, but have stuff to get done. Was here on the forum, and was surprised with four back to back heeehchooo! HEEEHHASHOO!! HEHCHOO! HEEHHnxxtchooo!!!

Hope this was a nice obs for you all. I enjoyed that we all sort of passed along the cold and took care of one another. :wub:

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I think it is so cute that you tell your boyfriend which sneeze sounds you like and don't like. You guys sound adorable!

Bless you for your sneezes! Hope you feel better (again) soon!

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Thanks for your responses :lmfao: And thanks Lalena, I'm glad that he is willing to hear it, and be open minded hehe.

and...I FOUND MY SNEEZES! Ready? Since I am on the mend (sometimes you feel worse when you are getting better, if you know what I mean?) my nose is draining, and my sinuses etc. I'm not into mucus, so I'm not going to spend too much on this..but I am blowing my nose like every 5 minutes, and sniffling, coughing deep coughs. So, since my nose is draining and sniffly, I am very sneezy. I woke up at 8 and sneezed 2 stifled hehnxxx, heehhunkkk. Then, I have been doing laundry (which usually makes me sneezy) and sneezed twice in the laundry room, hehishhUUH, hehISSHHHeeww. Then, I was going to the post office to pick up a package and in the elevator I sneezed two really wet HEEEisshhEEW, heh--ISSSHHOOOO. (warning, spray talk) There was spray on my shirt. I'm not into that, but I know some people are. Anyway, when I got to my car, I sneezed twice more, wet, and left spray (done with spray talk). HehhhEETCHUUU, HehISSHHEEEEW!

That is all so far...but that was all within 3 hours :dead: Hope you enjoyed. I am going to have to take Dayquil today as I have 2 auditions and a job interview and need to not be a snotty mess haha.

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