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"One Glorious Hour" [f];

count tiszula

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No one could ever accuse the BBC of not broadcasting enough top quality period drama; though using the same lead actress and distinguished British actors can lead to confusion when depicting those long hot summers before the development of hay fever cures....


"AH AAHTISHOOOO!" sneezed Romola, sending a golden shower of spray through the low evening sunshine of the dining room at Agreeable Country House on to the SPAM fritter which rationing and a benevolent Uncle Sam had declared to be the fish course.

No one blessed her, because they were all English gentlefolk preoccupied with maintaining their stiff upper lips in these times of crisis.

The butler shimmered into the room and coughed. "The Lady Samantha Blond-Actor has just mysteriously committed suicide," he announced to Sir Distinguished Blond-Actor. "Almost as if some shadowy right-wing organisation had somehow caused it."

"My cousin once removed!" said Sir Distinguished, his upper lip unmoved.

"My secodd cousid !" said Romola with a deep sniff. "I hope everyode is dow suitably codfused about the fabily."

"Och aye," said Tavish MacTorchwood MP, the rebellious young man, pulling the end of his white tie till the knot came undone , leaving his diamond collar stud rebelliously uncovered. " In this summer of 1939/1956, we must all fight for war/peace. It is vital that Anthony Eden be made Foreign Secretary/ forced to resign as Prime Minister, so that we can smash the Nazis and save the heroic Jews/ smash the wicked Jews and save the heroic Egyptians".

Romola decided it was time for the ladies to withdraw, and being the only one, swept to the double doors which Jellings the butler threw open.

Feeling another inevitability crisis, "I'b over eighteed!" she cried over her shoulder, before exiting down the long, agreeable corridor lined with stuffed wild life. As she walked, her clinging silken dress revealed her naked shoulders and every contour of her nutmeg and pearshaped buttocks, which twinkled as they rose and fell. Her home permed blond curls fell on to her shoulders as her head was thrown back by the colossal desire to sneeze that overwhelmed her.

"AAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! ATISHOOOOOOOOOOH!" Her head shot forward and her whole body convulsed with sneeziness, her mobile buttocks forced into an attractive wobbling motion which continued all the way to the end of the corridor.

Back in her bedroom, she switched on the wireless/telly. Oh, of course she had her own set because she had been educated at a boys' school where it was a hobby for brainy chaps to build their own out of sealing wax and old bits of agricultural machinery. The valves lit up and within five minutes the machine burst into life. Meanwhile Romola removed her dress, but remained gazing out of the window on to the agreeable parkland, so that no one could see her naked front bits, and apparently buttocks don't count as really naughty.

".....and that this country is therefore at war with Germany/assisting the French and Israelis in securing the Suez Canal..." crackled the black-tied announcer right=wingly. "In other news, Russia has invaded Finland/Hungary, but apparently that's all right, well almost."

Romola was gearing up for a really enormous sneeze when there came a knock at the door.....

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No one blessed her, because they were all English gentlefolk preoccupied with maintaining their stiff upper lips in these times of crisis.

That line made me laugh. ^_^

It's great, more to come I hope..? :dead::lmfao:

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Ooooh.... you are awful ....

Shimmering Jellings, this is fabuloud! Please do contisuez.

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