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Wedding's and Tissue's


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"I can't wait till we're there!" Kurt squealed, his mouth turning up into the Cheshire cat grin he made whenever he was truly upbeat. Blaine watched his fiance with a small smirk, but happy as well.

"I know. We'll be there soon. Just a flight to go on, then we'll be in Italy. After that, just one day and we'll have our wedding." Blaine recalled, holding the blue eyed boys hand lovingly as he packed the last of his things in his navy suitcase.

He and Kurt were getting married. After 6 months of deciding cakes and colors, they had decided on December 20th. Their wedding would be in Italy, on a small private beach. Mike was Blaine's best man, his groomsmen included Wes, David, and Finn. Kurt had chosen Rachel as his maid of honor, along with Mercedes, Tina, and Quinn. They had invited the rest of the new directions along with Will, Emma, and Kurt's family. (Blaine's family had never supported him well.) There colors included creme and maroon, and their cake had been specially made, a coffee flavored cake with vanilla frosting. Everything was perfect.

Later that day, after boarding the plane and getting situated, all pairing off for seats; Kurt and Blaine, Mike and Tina, Wes and David, Finn and Rachel, and Quinn and Mercedes, they fell asleep. It was a long trip from New York to Italy, about 9 hours worth. None got to particularly scared on flights, nor motionsick thank goodness.

They had landed, all tired and a bit jet-lagged. They had left during the day from New York, but arrived around 6am Italian time. Heading to the hotel, Mike suggested they go back to sleep a bit.

"You can't sleep off jetlag. It's an oxymoron. You have to stay up, so you're body adjusts." Blaine explained, having made many trips back to Italy before.

The day had drug on and on. After visiting the venue Blaine had given then all a tour of where he had grown up, taking him to a few tourist spots as well.

"God I'm tired." Wes groaned, looking at a clock on a nearby wall at one of their visiting areas. 11pm.

"Can we sleep now?" Quinn asked, trying to stifle a yawn. Everyone nodded, making their way back to the upscale hotel, all but stumbling into their rooms.

"See you guys in the morning. We have breakfast at 9, then dress rehearsal, our separate parties, and then back to the two suites for the over night preparation for the wedding!" Kurt beamed, looking at his iPhone. All the members nodded tiredly before slamming their doors. No one had bothered to notice how pale one groom had gotten, how he had been quiet all night.


“Are you alright honey?” Kurt’s voice brought Blaine out of his hazy thoughts. Blaine sniffled, nodding.

“Sorry, lost in thoughts about the wedding.” He laughed. He wasn’t feeling well. Not exactly sick, but not well either. His throat was aching, and his head felt stuffed with cotton. No matter how much he sniffled it didn’t help his runny nose. Shivering a bit, he went and changed into pajamas and an old Dalton sweatshirt.

“H’Ketchh!...h’UKTCH’uhh!” Blaine sneezed dryly into the hoodie as he slipped it over his curls. Ugh. Now was not the time to start feeling sick. He had a long day..no, week ahead of him. He couldn’t afford to get sick now.

Stepping back into the cozy hotel room, he smiled at his fiancé in the bed. God he loved Kurt. So much.

Kurt smiled up at him, patting the bed to signify Blaine to come lay down, oblivious to the obvious war going on inside of Blaine’s body. Hopping in bed, Blaine kissed his cheek.

“We’ll be married 2 nights from now.” He whispered in his ear, rubbing his nose as he felt the itch tickle his nose just slightly, teasing him.

“I know. I can’t wait to be Kurt Anderson.” Shutting off the light, Kurt gave a kiss to Blaine.

“We should get to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be long.” He suggested. Blaine nodded.

“I agree. Goodnight Kitten.” He mumbled, allowing the ache in his head and sinuses to come at him full force, his nose filling up completely as his head hit the white pillow. Kurt was right. Tomorrow would be a long day.


R&R Guys! I’ll post the next chapter tomorrow. This is going to be a bit of a long fic. Hope you like it. Sorry for not much sneezing in this chapter. The breakfast will have more. Promise!


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YAY!!! more Blaine sneezyness!!! :) :) I love this! thank you so much for writing it and looking forward to more! poor Blaine though.... getting sick near his wedding day!

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Aw yay! Sneezy Blaine is always good, the poor baby. Please continue.

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YAY More Blaine fics.

I constantly find myself trolling this part looking for a new one to be written.

Thank you, this is just so cute!

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Thank you guys for all the reviews! Second parts up! We have the breakfast and rehearsal!


Awoken by the sound of the shower coming on, Blaine sat up. Well. He tried. Apparently during the night his nose decided to become blocked completely. He tried sniffling, but that only made a tickle rear it's head, almost unbearable from the start. Looking around wildly, Blaine found a box of tissues on the bedside table and snatched a few up, pressing them to his twitchy nose.

"Hehh....H'utSTCH'uhh!!...Heishhh! Ish! Hi'ITSCH!" Blaine mostly stifled into the thin cloth, trying to blow the tickle away, though it didn't help. He got up woozily, knowing he had caught a bad head cold. He hoped his voice wouldn't give it away. At least until after the wedding.

Stumbling over to his suitcase, he glanced at the clock. '8:30'. So he had 30 minutes to make himself presentable and unsick enough to fool everyone. Great. After changing into jeans and a comfortable sweater Kurt had bought him earlier that month, he went to the mirror on the other side of the room to fix his messy hair. He tamed his curls with mousse, sniffling every so often. There wasn't much he could do about the paleness of his skin or bags under his eyes, but if he acted upbeat they would be less drawn to notice them. He put a handkerchief in his pocket. He had always preferred them to tissues. They were much more soft.

Hearing the bathroom door unlock he glanced up to see Kurt walk out, white skinny jeans, a dark navy collard shirt and dark grey cardigan completed with a grey bowtie on. He looked stunning.

"Hey gorgeous." Blaine called from the other side of the room, thankful his voice sounded relatively normal.

Kurt looked up and glided his way over, kissing Blaine's cheek.

"Hey handsome. Ready for breakfast? We're almost late." he said, glancing at the numbers 8:55.

Blaine nodded. "Go ahead, I'll be right down, just have to grab something." he assured.

As Kurt left, the tickle in his nose flared. He managed to grab out his handkerchief right in time.

"Tschsh-uhh!...h'GTCHH'chuhh! Heh'ISCH'shuhh..hehhhh...h"TZTCH!" Giving a small blow into the white linen that cupped Blaine's reddening nose, he wiped his nose and stuffed the cloth back into his pocket, grabbing his phone and heading down to the breakfast room to see his friends.


Blaine walked into the light yellow room to be greeted by the wedding party, along with a few others who had gotten there early that morning such as Kurt's parents and Sam and his girlfriend.

"Hey guys!" he smiled, shivering just a bit as another tickle made it's way through Blaine's sensitive sinuses.

"Well there he is! The other half! Give me a hug kiddo!" Burt Hummel smiled, standing up from his seat next to Carole and made his way to Blaine, who was now standing by Kurt.

"It's nice to see you made it safely Mr.Hummel." Blaine said, resisting the urge to rub at his tickly stuffy nose.

"Yes. The plane ride was actually quite nice. And how many times must I say, call me Burt Blaine!" Laughing at the curly haired boy, Burt engulfed hi in a hug before sitting down, Blaine following suit next to Kurt. The whole breakfast was nice over all. Everyone was talking, laughing at eachother's antics and jokes. Blaine was unusually quite, though Mike was the only one to notice.

As Kurt stepped to the bathroom, he watched as the paler than usual boy grabbed a red trimmed handkerchief from his pocket and pressed it to his nose, his eyes glassy and unfocused.

"h'itch! H'ITsch!...hihhhh...hi'yish'uhh!" stifling them expertly, no one around him noticed except for the asian looking straight at him. Thankfully, being his best man, he would be with him all day, so he could keep tabs on him.

Blaine sighed. It hadn't even been 2 hours since he had been up and he already felt worn down and sicker than when he woke up. He scrubbed at his nose through the cloth, trying to will the tickle away. No such luck. Quickly pocketing the handkerchief as Kurt walked back in, he blew him a kiss.


3 PM rolled around, and the rehearsal was underway. Everyone was standing in their positions, doing their jobs and such. Except Blaine. Blaine was in the bathroom, in the middle of a terrible fit of tickly itchy sneeze's, as if his nose was allergic to himself.

"He'TICH'shuuh! H'utshh! Fu- Fuhhh..Hut'ISHH!...god dab i...ihhhhh...it'SHHHH'uhh! hitstchh! ishh! Hi'ISH! Ihh…uhhISHhhuueew!! Huishhheww! Ugh...Hup'ITSH'eww! " Blaine's nose was red now. He had tears falling down his cheeks, his nose overflowing. He blew his nose rather noisily but didn't care at this point.

He needed relief. Finally after managing a few more blows and checking his voice, he went back to the wedding party, finishing up the reheresal. His nose, chapped and red, was still bothering him. He could feel the congestion in his head, his sinuses obviously against him. He was starting to feel colder. Like he was running a low temperature. Deciding to avoid that situation all together he pushed through it.

Now all he had to do was get through the bachelor party, wedding, and then he could let loose a bit for the honey moon.


R&R! Thank you guys so much! Up next? The bachelor party!

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Okay, so I'm kinda a Klaine nut, and this, this just feeds my obsession!! I love it!!!!

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