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Star Trek - Planet Angel One


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sadly it´s only worf who sneezes B) , some cute :) stuffy talk and later some sneezes offscreen in the infirmary.

i uploaded the whole episode because the idea of a planet which is ruled BY woman was kind of funny :P

15:03-15:09 worf annouces something :hug:

19:11 1st sneeze from worf

19:50 2nd sneeze from worf

20:32 3rd sneeze from worf

25:26-26:13 coughing and sneezing in the infirmary

so now enjoy ;) :


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thanks so much :3

i dunno if i'd download the whole episode since the wavs of worf are already floating around, but thanks again :3

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I know that this is many years old, but Captain Picard also does stuffy talk, and shivers from fever.

Wesley also is hospitalized with a fever.

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