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I've gotten so many obs from the past three days it's not even funny. I spend fourteen straight hours with the same people every day, so I'm bound to see some of them sneeze. There have been a few stand-outs, but I apologize for not spelling out the exact sounds. It's hard to remember every sneeze when the days all run together.

I've noticed that some people sneeze a lot more than others. Some people I haven't even seen sneeze yet, but the ones that do... yum. :laugh:

First off, there's a new guy in my section, a freshman. He seems pretty cool so far. Shy, but starting to open up. I've heard him sneeze singles and doubles and the cutest thing to me is that he says "Excuse me" afterwards. I rarely hear people do that and I just get the impression that he's a really polite guy. Even though nobody ever acknowledges it when he says this, he still continues to say it. It's adorable.

There's a girl in my section too who has probably sneezed thirty times each day, spread out throughout the day. They're pretty loud and forceful for a girl but still cute. When she sneezes another girl in our section blesses her with a "Gesundheit." At one point Gesundheit girl sneezed a few times herself and the freshman from my previous obs blessed her with a "Gesundheit" too. :)

I have also seen a few rapid-fire fits from a slightly chubby and cute freshman girl in the clarinet section. The first time I saw them she was walking over to sit down in front of me. She sneezed a few times in a row before sitting down, then sneezed once every few seconds. I wasn't sure she would ever stop. The advantage of having sunglasses is it's easier to watch without being completely obvious about it. I got to see her profile as she turned to face her elbow, which she had at the ready to catch the sneezes. Her nostrils would flare and arch and she would shake her head slightly before ducking her face into her elbow and sneezing. I saw her have fits of at least five at other points on the field. Everyone in her section blesses her, it's so cute.

There was a trombone player, he's sort of short but really attractive, who sneezed twice, with a minute between each sneeze. Each time he bent at the waist and aimed it straight for the ground. He kind of screamed the end of it, but it wasn't too obnoxious. In fact I thought it was adorable. It was like he was trying to make his sneezes bigger to make up for the fact that he's kind of small. :)

Last but not least (in fact quite the opposite)... there's a guy in the low brass section who has a really nice body. Not bulky, but lean with a faint six pack. I know this because he has come to the past three rehearsals without a shirt on. ;) I hear him sneeze probably three times an hour. And it's usually hear, not see (unfortunately). I would hear it and turn just in time to see him recovering. I find it so hard to avoid staring at him in anticipation of a sneeze, because he usually only does one or two at a time and then the next don't come for another thirty minutes or so.

BUT my creepy staring paid off. At one point I happened to glance over and a few seconds later he kind of hopped in the air and snapped forward to catch a sneeze in his hand (usually they're open). I loved watching his toned stomach tighten up (pretty sure I have a thing for stomachs too, rawr). He sneezed twice more (and I remember the sounds because I was paying the closest attention to him: sort of a "ESHHoo!"). I missed the second one because someone walked in front of him at that exact moment, but I was still able to see the other two and it was wonderful. :laugh: His nostrils were always so red after he sneezed too. I'm definitely anticipating more from him, and I'll share if I witness anything notable.

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Don'tcha just love band camp obs? :yes: I just got back from mine today, and overall I'm rather pleased with my numerous sightings as well. Thanks for sharing, AnonyMouse!

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