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boyfriend sneezing! <3


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so i went to the beach with my boyfriend yesterday, his name is M. we spent the entire day together, so i was expecting a few sneezes, but i only got one. oh well, it was one of the cutest sneezes in the entire world! <3 anyway, we were walking back to his car after walking along the street looking at the shops. he didn't bring his sweater, and it was like 6 o clock, so he was cold and his nose was running. so cute! we got into the car, where it was really warm, and i was like hmmm, wouldn't that be awesome if he sneezed! and as soon as i thought that, i looked over at him, and he had his hand to his nose, and he looked like he was about to sneeze. then he sneezed, and it was like a really strong stifle, i don't know how to spell it out. my heart dropped, it was so CUTE!! <3 i said bless you, and he said thank you, and then we started driving. it was literally one of the best sneezes i had ever seen!

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