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school obs (with an evil plan)


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:innocent: :Okay so today I went into my English class early (since he's awesome) and I noticed that he was sniffing a lot he's about 4"7 mid 30s, brown eyes, brown hair, very funny. Then the bell rang so I left then when I went back to his class he mentioned that he had a cold and he had a stuffy voice and red eyes. It was so cute!

:) : Now later on in my phys ed class I we were talking about getting lockers and she mentioned to not to spray or take perfume in the locker rooms now evil me (as I do always) asked why:

Me: Mrs. M why can't we bring perfume into the locker rooms?

then this no it all, stuck up, teacher's pet answered:

S: Because it makes Mrs. M sneeze.

Mrs. M: Yes it does S

M (another girl): It makes her sneeze all day

Ummmm....Where is my perfume :):laugh::lol: Hopefully more later

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