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Anyone else have one of these moments (thinking) "did I just say THAT out loud?" I did today...

Me and my friend A (short-idk how tall I suck at guessing- brown eyes, brown hair, cute glasses, a little chubby but not fat) were walking around campus nothing really happening then out of the blue "ishtt!" A stifled a sneeze, I looked at her and she held her nose, I'm not a fan of stifling so I didn't really like it (but if you are then okay). Then I said, "You shouldn't stifle" why?! I don't know, A looked at me like I was a freak "You'll uh...uh...blow an ear drum" I almost was blushing. A rolled her eyes and said "I've always been doing that so..." then she stifled again and said "Ow my ear!" She was fine but I started laughing awkwardly...

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I always want to say something along those lines when a girl stifles, just so maybe she won't stifle next time :yes: So I know where you're coming from! Nice obs, thanks for sharing!

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