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Alright guys, so I've been working on this one for a while now, so I really hope you like it! Please review if you read it so I know how y'all feel about it. I have more written if you like it enough!


The day I started working with Laura was one of the scariest days of my life. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I was terrified, but the day itself was actually quite pleasant. I had gone to film school and graduated three years prior, having every intention of making it big but absolutely no expectations. After working here and there and never quite stumbling upon the work I'd hoped for, I found that it was best to lower my expectations, start at the bottom and work my way back up. And that's exactly what I did.

I applied for internships at a few highly regarded studios: ABC, NBC, FOX, Universal. I was accepted into the programs of NBC and Universal, but ended up choosing the latter, as film was my one true love. I'd interned there for about a year and a half and made some great connections, along with a name for myself. It wasn't long until I was being offered paying jobs in the entertainment world, but held out for one I truly felt would fill me. That's when Laura came along. 

I heard through the grapevine that stage and screen star, Laura Hart was looking for a new assistant. Now though I didn't know much about the field, I felt that I knew enough to get through and had enough intuition to figure the rest out. I applied for the position in May, and by September I was moved into my new apartment in LA, ready for whatever lay before me. Which leads me back to the beginning of my story. 

The first day we met was one of the most nerve wracking days of my life. I couldn't wait to dive into the work, but I didn't want to seem too eager and like I didn't know what I was doing. You see, someone like Laura Hart is as professional as they get. She's not a serious woman by any means, but she is serious about her craft. She's serious and she loves it, unlike anyone I've ever seen. The intensity of her eyes in the middle of a scene had, on one or two occasions, taken my breath away. But I didn't want her to know this right away. I had been a fan for years, since I was younger. That's another thing about Laura- she was a few years older than I and I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable with me because of my age. So as I prepared to meet Laura that first day, I tried constantly to remind myself that it isn't about age, but about maturity. I rationalized and reasoned through every possible scenario I might be faced with that day so I'd seem prepared, but I knew nothing could prepare me for the adventure that lie before me. 

I arrived at her office in the heart of Beverly Hills. After making my way through and swiping an id at 4 separate security checkpoints, I made it to her office on the 10th floor. I stood outside the door for a few minutes, pumping myself up while simultaneously trying to calm myself down. Finally, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I stood breathless for what felt like years but was probably about 15 seconds when the door suddenly creaked open. And there she was. She was very pretty. Not sexy, but pretty, like the mother of one of your childhood friends from whom you'd always want to borrow jewelry and things. She had honey blonde hair that had a natural wave and soft yet strong blue eyes; passionate eyes. She smiled at me and I noticed a small dimple on the right side of her cheek. She was like the girl next door with a secret.

"I'm so happy to meet you," I bumbled. It was at that moment I realized I needed to try as hard as I  possibly could to let go of all my insecurities so that I might be seen as someone who could be trusted. "I've been hoping to work with you for a few years now."

She seemed touched. She stuck her hand out for me to shake and I felt like an idiot for not doing that first. "Thank you, it's nice to meet you. I'm Laura." 

"I'm Christina," I managed to get out. "It's great to finally be here."

"Well, I've just been so ready to get acquainted with my new assistant...my last one didn't quite fit in with the schedule I have, so it's great to be starting fresh" she explained. She opened her mouth as if to continue, but paused and stared blankly for just a moment before holding up an index finger telling me to wait and turning purposefully away from me. "Huhnt'schhhhOOO! Sorry," she laughed and rubbed at her nose. 

"Bless you," I responded, slightly charmed. 

"Thanks" she smiled again, her eyes sparkling. "Anyway, I've been looking through your resume and I'm very impressed. It seems as though I'll be in good hands!"

"That's the goal," I said, jokingly. She chuckled, opening the door further to reveal the rest of her office. 

"Come in," she said, walking toward a desk near the back of the room. "You can make yourself at home, this is just where I do most of my work stuff. You want anything to drink?" she offered, opening a mini-fridge and pulling out a bottle of water. 

"No thanks," I answered, taking a seat on a very comfortable couch in the corner of the room. "So, what are you working on right now?" I asked, so thrilled that it was now I asking her these questions instead of watching Letterman do it. 

She sat down at her desk and opened up her laptop. "Well, I'm in the middle of filming a movie, though we're scheduled to wrap within the next couple weeks. So you shouldn't be too busy until after that's over." She looked up at me and smiled. 

"Great. I suppose that gives me some time to adjust," I responded, looking around at everything decorating the room. I stood up when something caught my eye in the corner and walked toward it. It was an Emmy. I was standing in front of Laura Hart's Emmy. I might've stood there for hours trying to comprehend my luck in finding this job if she hadn't brought me back to Earth with another sudden sneeze. I whipped around to catch her in the middle of yet another, hands cupped in front of her face. 


"Bless you," I said, walking back toward the couch I had started on.

"Thank you," she responded politely, her nose buried in a tissue. She blew her nose quite noisily and turned to me again. "Sorry about this," she said, pointing to the box of tissues in front of her. "I'm not contagious or anything. Just...a sensitive nose." She giggled again, wiping her nose and shutting the laptop.  

"Oh, it's no problem," I responded with a smile, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. "Do you have allergies?" I asked after a semi-awkward silence. 

"Oh yeah," she nodded. "But it's nothing I can't handle. Just a little in...ihhh-IEH-tschhhiiooo!! Inconvenient, clearly." 

"Bless you!" I say, once again. 

"Thank you sweetie, but you don't have to say it everytime. Trust me....it'll get old quick." She shot me a wink and I knew, without a doubt, that this job was going to turn into one of the most educational, inspirational, entertaining, and downright fun relationships I could ever hope to be a part of. 


Alright, so I based the celebrity (not at all subtly) on one of my faves! a gift to he who correctly guesses the woman I used as a muse. Although that is irrelevant, as I want you guys to see her as your fave star. Who would you all have play Laura in the movie in your head?! I'm curious!! Anyway, like I said, I do have more so let me know what you think!

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I'm really loving this so far! Laura sounds sexy in a sweet sort of way. And there's the thrill of someone in an authority position sneezing! :omg: Don't know why but that's always nice--bosses, teachers, all goodstuff. Anyhoo can't wait for more! Your writing is lovely by the way, very clear and fluid which makes reading this that much more enjoyable!

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An excellent beginning. Sadly I started thinking about Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, but I am trying to turn it into Sharon Stone......

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I'm so loving all of these answers! And thanks for the reviews, guys! More will be up later tonight. Also, I've decided that I'm not going to reveal who this is based off of until after the story's over, as I don't want to force you guys (even subconsciously) to see her instead of whoever you desire. Though I will say, the closest answer so far has been Meryl Streep. But think what you will :D

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Several months had passed since we'd met and we were now at a point where we were completely comfortable around each other. There was no more intimidation on my end and no more skepticism on hers; we had turned out to make a great team. So great that I had taken to attending small scale events with her quite regularly, as she hated going alone but was expected to show up. In fact, the call that I received two hours ago was one that I had become very accustomed to; a call from Laura convincing me to accompany her to a screening of a film that's opening tonight. I don't necessarily want to go, but pass it off as being part of my job and head to get ready early. 

In the car on the way to her place, I give Laura a call as usual, to let her know I'm on my way. 

"Hello?" she answers. 

"Hey, it's me. I'm about 20 minutes away, are you ready?" I ask, assuming she has been for an hour already: Laura is very prompt.  

"Of course. Would you mind stopping to pick up some things before you get here? You should have enough time, we're running on schedule. I need some more green tea and my Allegra ran out yesterday. Do you mind-"

"I filled your prescription this morning, I noticed you were running low on Monday and Jay should have some green tea at the office." Jay is her office assistant, though basically just a receptionist with a fancy title, and is painfully gay and outrageously adorable. 

"Wow, you really do know what you're doing, huh? You're the best, I'll see you in a few."

I hang up the phone, though her last few words still ring in my ears. I'm the best. Laura Hart called me the best. It's moments like these when I still shamefully geek out that this is my job, but I pull it back together and keep driving to her house. 

About 15 minutes later, I pull up to the gate that stands at the end of the driveway. I rummage through my horrendously disorganized bag and find the key card I need to swipe through the gate. I pull through and drive up the short driveway to her house. It's a beautiful home, but not like I'd ever imagined a celebrity's home would be. Then again, Laura doesn't really think of herself as a celebrity. It isn't too large and doesn't call much attention to itself, but inside it's gorgeous, and very homey. I pull around a small cul-de-sac at the top of the driveway to find her waiting right outside the front door. 

"Hey, sweetie," she says, climbing into the passenger seat. "Thank you for doing this, I really didn't feel up to going myself."

I smile. This is usually the excuse she gives when I have to come. "It's fine, I totally get it," I respond. "So how are you?" I ask her, not having seen her since yesterday morning (she had the rest of the day off). 

"Oh, I'm fine. Mark and I stayed in and made dinner last night. And I got to sleep in this morning; of course my definition of sleeping in is anytime past 7am," she chuckles. 

"That's good, though! At least you finally got to relax a little. Oh! Before I forget, Jay has your pills at the office. I filled the prescription and he picked it up about an hour ago, so you should have them by tomorrow." I explain to her. Even when we're not working, we still do. 

"Tomorrow? I guess I should be alright until then, thanks, Christina." I'm driving, but can still feel her smiling at me. 

"So what movie is this, anyway?" I say, changing the subject. "I remember you saying that-"

"Heht'TSCHHiiiooo! Hehn'ETSCHHH-oooo!! 'Scuse me, sorry." For the first time today, I notice that she sounds exhausted. 

"Bless you! You okay?" I ask her, actually concerned. 

"Oh no, sweetie, I'm fine, don't worry," she says quickly, noticing the anxiety in my voice. "It's just my allergies; some days are worse than others, you know? I'll be f...fine, HAH'tsCHHIIoo!!"

"You're sure you want to go to this?" I ask, and look over at her to find her rubbing her temple subtly. 

"Honey, I'm fine," she says again, this time with purpose. She hates people to make a fuss over her. 

"Whatever you say..." I reply, unconvinced, and pull up to the crowded theater. 


It wasn't long before I realized that no amount of warning or insisting could have prevented the shock of the severity of Laura's situation that night. 

After miraculously dodging the red carpet bullet, Laura and I do our best to sneak by the entertainment reporters and gossip magazines, but at the last minute, we're spotted by E! news. 

"Shit," I mutter. She looks back at me, questioning, until she does a double take forward and notices, through slightly reddened eyes, what I had seconds earlier. 

She matches me: "Oh, shit." She rubs her eyes and tries not to smear her makeup. I feel terrible for her. 

"Just be short with him and he'll leave quicker," I try to advise her, but I know she's way too polite to even know how to go about blowing somebody off. 

"I'll do my best, but if this lasts more than 5 minutes, please get me out of it?" she stares at me with pleading, tired eyes. I can't say no. 

"Of course. Watch it though, here he-"

"Ms. Hart! It's great to see you, don't you look lovely this evening?" the man exclaims way too enthusiastically. 

She smiles at him softly. "Thank you very much. How are you?"

"I'm wonderful, how are you, honey? Any upcoming roles you wanna talk to us about? Any exciting news?" He talks like he's digging for clues to the lost city of Atlantis. 

"Actually, I just wrapped a film, so that should be out early next year. And I'm still working ohhh...on..excuse me-" she hardly manages to get out before she turns completely away from the camera. "HEHN'tschhhhh-oo! Heht'mppphssshhh!! Pardon me...." she murmurs. I'm watching this as though it's not happening in front of me. I need to get her out of here. 

"Well, gesundheit!! I think that's a first for our cameras to catch on a red carpet premiere!" I want to punch him and I'm sure she'd say so too if she weren't so god-damned nice. 

She forces a laugh. "I know, I'm sorry," she blushes. "Listen, it was great talking to you but I've got to-" 

"Now, how do you expect audiences will react to this film? Do you think they'll enjoy as much as the critics have?" This guy won't let her go. I meet her eye for a split second and she's begging me to take her away from this idiot. 

"Um, well I'm not sure, I haven't seen it yehh...yet. I really do hahhhhh-have to go..." As quickly as I can, I swoop in and link my arm with hers. 

"Thanks, have a good one!" I yell back to the reporter (perhaps a bit too sarcastically) as I drag her completely off the carpet and into the theater. 

"Thahh-HEH'nnggtchshhooo!! Thangk you. I hodnestly couldn't gedt out of there...." she said, as stuffed up as I'd ever heard her. 

"Bless you, of course, that's what I'm here for," I say to her all in one breath while rummaging through my bag and handing her a tissue. 

"Thank you." She looks at me, her eyes so genuinely thankful that you'd think I'd just given her a free pass to get the hell out of here and go home for the night. If only it'd be that simple. 


There's part 2 for you!! Lemme know what you're all thinking so far :)

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Oh yes...! I really like this! :D

And I love the relationship, you write it very genuinely and believable. :cryhappy:

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Last part, I hope you guys liked it!! And I still want to hear who you imagined her as/think I based her (kind of obviously) on! I'll reveal in a few days if you wanna know :D


"I think we should go," I say, trying not to sound nervous so I don't make her feel uncomfortable while simultaneously trying to be assertive enough for her to know I'm serious. "You really shouldn't be here."

She looks up at me. We're in the bathroom now. We've escaped the red carpet and barely made it past the interviewers alive and now we're hiding out in the bathroom until the thing actually starts. "It's too late to leave now. I'm fine, Christina. No!" She stops me with a hand up, seeing I'm about to protest. "Please. There's no point in me leaving now. Let's just go out there and get this over with."

I roll my eyes at her but agree. "This is the last time though. Next time you're like this, we're staying home."

She smiles at me, mischievously. "We'll see. Anyway, I'm glad you're here this time. I don't know what I would've done back there if I'd been alone. Thanks agahhh-AHT'ShhhhiiOOO! TSCHHHIIOO! Again. "

"Bless you," I stubbornly respond for the hundredth time tonight.

She grabs a tissue and blows her nose discreetly. "Come on," she says once she's cleared up. "Let's go out there."


We make it into the theater just as the movie's starting. There are seats reserved for us in the middle of a section close to the front. We wiggle past the unlucky few people that are stuck toward the end of the aisle and finally sit. Laura is to my right. I'm keeping an eye on her, and she knows it.

"I'm alright now, sweetie," she whispers to me, leaning over the arm rest. "Now that I'm inside, it's fine. Relax." She smiles and rubs my arm, trying to assure me that she's okay. I look over at her and give her a false, cheesy smile. She giggles and turns to watch the movie.

After about 45 minutes of silence, I start to feel her rustling next to me. She's rubbing at her nose, with purpose. 5 minutes later and still nothing. Maybe she was telling the truth. I start to loosen up a bit and switch from assistant mode to friend mode. I'm now actually letting myself enjoy the movie, rather than making sure she's doing okay. But just as I settle down, she moves again.

I feel it before I see it. Her head jerks forward the tiniest bit into her hands and that's when my attention catches. Then she exhales slowly and wipes her nose softly with the back of her hand. I'm now watching her, but she can't tell. I'm back in assistant mode as quickly as I had left it. I see her hand come back up and she jerks forward again, this time much less silently. "Nxgt'shhh." She looks over at me, and I pretend not to notice. She sniffs, loudly for the quiet theater. "Nxxgtshh-ooo." This time I lean over.

"Bless you. Still okay?" I say, perhaps with more shark than I had intended.

"Uh-huh..." She tries, attempting to cover up her quickening breath. "H'tschnngxshh! Ugh."

Though I'm a tad happy I was right, I start feeling the worry again in the pit of my stomach. "I think we should leave," I try to convince her for the second time tonight, already prepared for her to shut me down again.

But before she can answer, she rubs at her nose again. Her breath is catching and she turns, burying her face in her left arm closest to me, as not to disturb the man sitting to the right of her. "He'nxxgsht!!"

At this point, I bend down and start rummaging through my purse for a tissue. She's sniffing and rubbing at her nose incessantly and she needs it. I'd normally never have any in here, but the week I was hired I learned to always have them on hand. Shit. I can't find any. I must've run out last weekend. I needed to think of something, fast. The woman sitting to the left of me is older, maybe in her 50s. She might have something in her purse. But I don't want to disturb her. That's when I realize what to do.

"Laura?" I whisper to her as she's rubbing her eyes discreetly.

She looks over to me and her nose is running."What's up sw-hahh...sweetie?" Her breath hitches and she immediately reaches her hand up to stop her nose from itching.

"That. Don't. Let it out, it's better for you," I try and assure her.

"Hon, it's quiet in here and crowded. I don't want to di-hihhh...dist-He'tschhhhiiOOO!!!"

"God bless!" The woman to the left of me proclaims, animatedly.

"Scuse me, thank you," Laura, being polite as always, whispers back.

This is where I take my shot. "Excuse me?" I say silently to the woman. "You wouldn't happen to have a tissue, would you? Laura's not feeling too great." At this point, I lean back and let her see that it's Laura Hart. Her eyes grow wide and she's hooked.

"Oh, of course!" she sputters back, excitedly. She searches for a moment and pulls out a slightly crumpled but usable tissue.

"Thank you so much," I whisper back. She smiles at me and is now struck by the fact that she's sitting two seats from Laura Hart. But I don't have time to humor her.

"Laur," I nudge her. "Here." She takes the tissues, gratefully, and softly blows her nose. After a moment, she turns to me to say something but is quickly pulled back.

"Hi'nnxgshhh-oo!!" She sneezes into the now even more crumpled tissue and sits back. "I think it's time to go now." These were the words I've been itching to hear all night long.

"Thank you," I say, relieved, and finally exhale for what seems like the first time tonight. "Okay, come on." I grab my bag and she grabs hers and we're up. She's ahead of me, though she reaches her right hand back to grab mine and pull me through the aisle.

We say our excuse me's and I'm so sorry's and finally make it back out the crowded row into the middle aisle. We're home free. Until I realize that the press is still outside. I panic, once again. I pull on the hand of hers I'm still holding as I try to slow her down, but she's dead set on getting out. Where was this enthusiasm 2 hours ago?

We make it out the doors, into the lobby and the same jerk who interviewed her earlier is lurking. I spot him before he spots us and take this as our chance to move. I rush up ahead of Laura and start leading her.

"Slow down, we're out already!" she tries to remind me, but I can't watch her go through another painful interview.

I manage to get us out, just before anyone realizes who she is. It's finally over.


"Sweetie, I wanted to thank you again for everything you did in there. I'm really glad I brought you tonight," Laura says to me from the passenger seat.

"Please, it's my job. You know that," I turn and smile at her. She looks tired, but relieved to be here now. "Anyway, how do you-"

"Heht'SCHHHHIooo! Hah'tschoOOO! Hehh...hahhh...damn it. I'm sorry, what were you gonna say?"

I laugh and shake my head. "Nothing."

"What's so funny!?" She's giggling a bit now too, just because I can't stop.

"It's just funny...." I say, settling down. "You're funny."

"Well, I'm glad you find this amusing. I'm getting pretty damn sick of hahh... haht..... HAT'SCHHHIIEWW! Ughh, fidnally!" She sniffles for a few seconds before remembering that I keep my In-Case-Laura's-Here stuff in the glove compartment. She pulls out the to-go packet of Kleenex.

"Bless you!" I'm still a little shocked at how bad she is, even after the whole night.

"Thank you, for the thousandth time," she responds, smiling. "Christina?"

"Yeah?" I reply, skeptically.

"Don't ever quit."

"Please...like I would trust anyone else to handle you- especially like this?" She chuckles. "You're stuck with me for a while."

"Good," she responds, content, and I continue to marvel at the fact that I'm even here, driving Laura Hart back to her home after an evening spent together- as friends.

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