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So these are just a few obs I've been letting stew over the past few months. I meant to write some of them up ages ago but at least this way you get a variety pack!

The first is from a couple of months ago. I was on the subway and I noticed a man a few seats down sniffling a bit. He looked to be in his mid-40s, brown hair, long legs and wearing jeans. I was able to turn down my ipod just in time to hear him let out two sneezes “EHSHHH! EHShhh!”, very harsh and wet sounding into a cupped hand. With his hand still cupped over his mouth he started digging around in his pocket obviously looking for a tissue but not finding one. It was very sweet though another middle-aged man sitting two seats away from him leaned forward and offered his napkins which the man took gratefully. He blew his nose fairly quietly & didn’t sneeze for the rest of the ride.

Another good subway obs also from a while ago came from a younger Japanese man who was sitting perpendicular to me so that we were very close but I was facing his profile. I was able to watch fairly unabashedly as he had a small fit of four sneezes right in front of me. They sounded rather like “Ahchmmph! ATSChhhs! ATchhh! Atschoo!” and he held his hand loosely over his mouth, a few inches away so I could see him pucker his lips with each sneeze. He clenched his eyes very tightly when he sneezed as well, as if they were particularly strong although they sounded fairly average in strength to me.

When I was at the Laguardia Airport a few weeks ago I stopped at a breakfast place and after you ordered you stood by the gas griddle (the flat stove top where they cook eggs and meat) to wait for your food. Another woman was standing next to me, a petit, blonde woman with a carry-on suitcase. I heard a gaspy inhale before she bent towards me* with a congested sounded “Etshiiih!” She froze after the sneeze, hand still bent over her nose—not cupping it exactly and bent over it. After a brief pause I said, “Bless you” and she thanked me in the oddest tone—almost as if she agreed with me very strongly like, “Thank you".

*And the cooking food which seemed slightly unhygienic especially as she didn't fully cover her mouth.

This last ob is from just yesterday. I was meeting up with some friends at a bookshop and while I was waiting for them to arrive I was wandering around the first floor, pausing every so often to text one of my friends. I was looking up from my phone when I saw a woman, mid-twenties I would guess, with thick reddish hair pause as she rounded the corner to sneeze very forcefully into a cupped hand like “Eschhh!” Although she looked like she was done I followed (that sounds so creepy but I was just meandering around the first floor anyhow) her a little and she let out six other identical sneezes! And she was also touching things in between despite just sneezing.

I saw her running a finger down the front of book on a table displaying children’s books and then pull her hand away to let out another forceful little “Eschh!” sneeze into it. A similar incident by the greeting cards, except she sneezed and then pawed at the all the cards with the same undoubtedly wet hand. The last few sneezes were as she went up the escalator and then as she got off, couldn’t see those unfortunately but I wasn’t going to follow her upstairs! All in all one of the most impressive fits I’ve seen in real life considering it was seven sneezes (and those were just the ones I saw!).

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Oh man that bookshop obs sounds incredible! I would love to have witnessed that... and I'm not gonna lie, I definitely would have tried to find an excuse to follow her as well :laugh::naughty:

Oh and that was really nicely written, thanks for sharing :lol:

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ad me to that conga line of stalkers :D

must say though the subway ob sounds most intriguing. i can just picture him clentching his eyes shut. thanks for sharing :bleh:

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