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NATURAL sneeze from my bf!!! And some self.


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I have been rather lucky recently...in some ways. I have been sick for 2 weeks, and my bf has been in and out of being sick. In general this sickness (as mentioned earlier) does not really produce sneezes. However, the other night when I had a fever, we were taking the elevator downstairs, and as we waited for the elevator, my bf and I were talking about something, and I mumbled something and then feverishly buried my face into his shoulder. My arms were wrapped around his chest, and I felt him inhale, I picked my head up and saw him looking at the light, but seriously, my bf rarely sneezes in front of me...and I was sick, so I put my head back down. Only to feel/hear tchoo!!! YAY!!! HE SNEEZED AROUND ME, and I WAS HUGGING HIM DURING IT!! AHHH!!! So, I was fevered and frankly feel like it was all a dream, but damn am I lucky/happy!!!! We talked about it and he was so happy that he is able to make me feel that good from something seemingly so simple (to a non-fetishist), though he said, it is far from simple to him anymore ;)

Then, for me...I finally caved and went to the dr. today. I think I was getting better anyway, but this low grade fever wont go away, and I have work the next 2 days and am going away this weekend, so thought it was a good idea to get checked out. Now, this has not been a sneezy sickness, which is kinda a bummer, but maybe not since my body is so exhasperated from coughing, that sneezing might have been too much. So, anyways, on the way to the dr, in the car and on the way to the car actually, I kept sneezing. It was almost dangerous in the car cause I was going through an intersection. They were very tiny, and light sneezes, considering I am sick. 4 of them that were like hehish, tisheew, tchoo, hehtchoo.

Hope you enjoyed :D I am now on the z-pack. joys.but hopefully will be better soon :) Which is good for you guys, cause frankly I sneeze more daily when I am healthy than I have from this haha.

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Bless you!! Glad you are on some meds. Z-packs are fantastic. I'm sure you will start feeling better soon if you haven't already.

And YAY for the sneezing bf!! And while you were hugging ... perfect!

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