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Art trade?


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Umm. Yeah :]

I got nothin' to do for these next few days B)

And I gotta stop drawing the same person over and over, and not shariing it xD (I'm just a tad shy, I dont think people would like me spamming the art board anyway.)

If ya want to see what my art looks like, just ask. I'll draw....Just about anything. :)

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Hmm, maybe Naruto?

I second that, if that's something you would be willing to draw. I could draw something for you in return. My problem is I'm better at drawing girls than guys, XD.

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I could totaly draw Naruto! :] But as an art trade, I would like something in return xD!

@Purity of Heart: Haha, I know what you mean, I'm better at drawing guys than girls :rolleyes: But, I also like guys sneezes more, would you like to try to draw a guy?

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I'd like to draw something in return, but I don't know how to install my scanner.

I could ask my dad, but by the time that happens, I will have grown a beard from here to Texas.

Hmm, I can draw something on my DSi. . . (wouldn't need a scanner that way),

but I haven't unlocked the thin brush, so it would look like something that had been dragged around the world and back.

So. . . could I write something in return?

Fixed tags~ obsessed

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I'm certainly willing to entertain a trade, and I'm better at drawing guys anyway, so that works out. I also know a bunch of series, so if you want a fanart, bounce it off me! I might know it! XD

Is there somewhere I could see a sample of your art?

Here's a sample of my art: Black and White Color

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Oh LYK, I could never forget that comic :bleh: Wubwubuwubwub <3

Poptropical, do you have an example of your writing on here or somewhere so I can see? C:

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Not really... but I'm working on a fic for Purity, so I could post what I have so far.

I'll have to ask her first, tho. :rolleyes:

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I"m game for you posting what you have so far pop, I've been dying to read it anyways :sicksmiley02:

I'd be willing to try drawing a guy, if you still want to draw something from Naruto for me? It looks like you got 3 trades going on now, if you don't want to do mine, it's kewl.

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