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My man has caught my cold

March Hare

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Yesterday he sneezed seven times, which is a LOT for him. I was clearing out our spare room, and every time I had got back into the sorting and digging through piles he would sneeze again, a powerful, harsh "Heh-ESSHuh!" that would have me on the run to hug and kiss him and say things like "man, you should've warned me, I want to SEE them!" and he would grin and say "you greedy"... and I would enthusiastically agree :)

But today, man, It's even worse. I think he may have passed seven already, and they're even harsher and more draining than yesterday. His face has that cold-look, too. That unmistakable, sexy-ass redness around the nose. They've also completely stopped sounding like coughs, which his 'random' and induced sneezes sometimes do. There is NO mistaking these sneezes.

"It's making me tired," he said, just minutes ago after another huge "HehESSCHoo!" Man, I can imagine. He's just sitting there all sniffling and rubbing his pink nose, his eyes all watery and tired and I AM SO TURNED ON, which he finds highly amusing :blushing: Man, I am so lucky. He actually enjoys my enjoyment. :D

...aaand that was another one. Maaan. I keep running to and fro between him and the typing of this obs XD He said, "maybe you'd just better stay right here next to me!" Well, I had to get this down first, of course. But, I just might. :wub:

ETA: "HuhhUSH!" he sneezed. That's his 'really URGENT tickle' sound. I think I might melt.

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You lucky, lucky woman. Thank you for taking your time to share this with us. Excellent obs. :wub: You go have fun now. :)

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D'Awwww. You lucky woman. :laugh: Hope he'll feel better soon but until then... enjoy. :D:)

Very glad he enjoys your enjoyment. :blushing::wub:

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:lmfao: Urgent tickle sound? Probably one of the hottest obs I've ever read. :rolleyes: Those sneezes sound so sexy. And it's so cute they're making him tired, aww.
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Y'know, I ask this a lot on the forums buuut... does he have any brothers? :rolleyes:

That sounds very lovely, hope you're having fun! ;]

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Stop writing and go and look after him!

It sounds lovely. Poor boy, all infested and tickly and ..... :rolleyes:

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I think I just melted reading this!! And his sneezes sound like one of my all-time favorite sounds! Lucky girl, go take care of him, and write us more later. :rolleyes:

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First of all, lovely obs. The urgent tickle noise...man.

But I have to say.

When I saw this on the forum, I thought it said "My MOM has caught my cold" and I was like O__________o until I realized what it actually said. :P

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B-P that sounds amazing! i would be flippin :) but go take car eof him! i hope he feels better but enjoy it ::)
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