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Today I was out shopping for birthday presents (amusingly, the person I was getting it for wanted a feather duster :) ), joined by my mother. After having the indescribable joy of getting to explain to her what a 'magic tissue' is and her making all sorts of remarks we enjoy so much from our family *insert sarcasm* (to explain, a 'magic tissue' is like one of those 'magic towels'. It's a really small packed dried out thing that folds out when you add a little water), we went to the section where we needed to be.

As I was looking around for the aforementioned feather duster (they didn't have what I wanted, but that is an aside), a woman behind me was discussing another item with her friend. As I wasn't facing her I'm afraid I can't offer a description but as a rough estimate I'd say she was probably in her 40s.

Suddenly, I heard a violent sneeze. 'hah..ETCHOo' I turned around, trying not to be obvious about it and just managed to catch the end of a second, just as violent sneeze, sounding very similar to the first 'heh..ETCHOo' the volume decreasing at the end. It sounded a bit wet and had that unmistakable cold-ey edge to it. She didn't cover at all and kept touching about every bit of merchandise she could find, which earned her a couple of disgruntled comments from other shoppers.

Unfortunately, I had to move on at that point so didn't have time to remember more than those sparse details or wait if there would be more. :P The second sneeze sounded pretty final though, so it was probably a no on the second thing anyway. :lol:

I typed it straight on here, so sorry if it isn't any good. Call it a spur of the moment decision. :twisted: *runs off to hide*

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On the contrary I think it's very nicely described :) (so no hiding required :rolleyes::hug:) I don't think you necessarily need a description of the person to make a good observation, what your imagination can come up with is often far better than the reality anyway :lol:

Thanks for sharing dear :)

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