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Amy's Sneezy Day (F)


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Amy’s Sneezy Day (F)

Amy’s first sneeze of the day was a big one. She felt it building even before she was fully awake, before her eyes had yet opened, and was the way she usually greeted the new day. With a terrific shriek, her head and shoulders were jerked off the pillow as her stomach contracted and the sneeze burst out of her, totally uncovered, her thick black hair whipping forwards.

Propping herself up on her elbows, she sniffed and felt the morning surge of pollen invade her nose even more completely. Another sneeze started to gain strength in her chest. Her desperate, hitching breaths began as she tried to clear her head and wake up properly. It was so confusing, waking up to one of her own allergic explosions. Without even bothering to smother or stifle it, she let the second sneeze rip through the silence of her dorm room. It echoed off the walls like a handgun. Amy knew that her friend would also now be aware she was awake.

Sniffing helplessly, she rolled out of bed, reaching for some tissues. She could feel it was going to be one of those days, when just try as she might she would not be able to fully rid her nose of its ever-present tingle. One of those days when she would be stared at by the whole campus as she succumbed to sneeze after allergic sneeze. She groaned.

Halfway across the room she sneezed again. This one caught her totally unawares and bent her violently at the waist, almost throwing her off balance. Again the sound of it echoed tremendously in the enclosed space of her room. It made her ears ring and she stumbled into the bathroom, blearily catching sight in the mirror, of her tangled hair and face scrunched into her traditional pre-sneeze expression.

Her pre-sneeze face was something Amy had come to live with. She hated it and yet had resigned herself to the fact that someone who sneezed as much as her had to live with that constant trembling itch in her nose, inevitably giving her an almost permanent far-away look, as the tickle played devilish games with her sinuses.

In the bathroom, the curtains were open and the combination of light and pollen attacked her nose with a new-found vengeance.

‘HaAAAA…. HAAAAA!’ she began, the violent hitching taking over her body. Vainly, she reached for tissues, as much out of habit than practicality. She didn’t even raise them to her mouth, for they would have been blown to shreds by what erupted from her trembling, petite frame.


Amy hurled her whole body into the sneeze, bending over double in a desperate bid to clear her nose of the torturous allergens. Oh God that felt good! She vaguely suspected that the sneeze would have been heard through the entire residential block, and yet for some reason the knowledge of this only made her want to sneeze again, even louder. She pinched her fingers around her tingling nostrils and blinked her teary green eyes until the feeling backed down, feeling glad as she did not know whether her sleep-bleary head could have taken another of her colossal, all-consuming sneezes.

Trying to ignore the stealthy teasing tickle, Amy rifled through the bathroom cabinet, searching for her allergy medication. Her fingers closed on the packet, and she groaned in relief – until she withdrew her hand and stared incredulously at the rows of empty plastic blisters. Desperately she checked each compartment, but no. not one tablet remained. As if sensing its torturous advantage, the sensation of her impending sneezes gained power, and her face curled uncontrollably with the insistent urge to collapse into one of her ferocious sneezing bouts.

Pressing one finger beneath her trembling nostrils in a futile effort to delay the inevitable, Amy realised that she would need to make her way to the pharmacy as soon as was possible if she wanted to avoid a sneeze-filled day. As her latest sneeze came creeping up into her nose, her breathing becoming erratic, she knew that even the half-mile to get there was bound to be filled with sneezing and she already dreaded the looks of consternation, shock and amusement that would be directed at her from members of the public.

With a sinking feeling, she gathered up a large wad of tissue. Her large, dark eyes tilted back to look at the ceiling, as her hands prepared to receive the full force of her sneeze. She gasped in breath after breath, her chest expanding, making her clothes feel tight.

The sneeze came with a rising scream of sound, starting as a whisper that grew louder and louder until it became a hurricane of noise that shrieked from her, hurting her ears with its volume. So consumed was she with her sneeze that she almost forgot to raise the wadded tissue to her mouth, and almost as an afterthought brought her sneezing nose and mouth into the nest of soft Kleenex that awaited it.

As she heard the sneeze echoing through the residential block, Amy felt overwhelming embarrassment… and an overwhelming need to do it again!

To be continued…

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OH GOD YES, no allergy medicine left! Wonderful plot. :sicksmiley02: I'd also love to see more. :(

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Yum! The all-consuming sneeze takes control. I hope she will soon realise how much the ecstasy outweighs the embarrassment...

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Awwwhhhhh *_*

I really like this so far!

You really gotta continue.

I like your writing style. It's so friggin' hot. Rowrrrr.

More. Please. Pretty pretty please.

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Thanks for all the positive comments! :D Glad you enjoy it - and so on with the show...

Amy’s Sneezy Day (F) – Part 2

Blinking away her allergic tears, Amy walked down the concrete steps outside her residential block. Every time she breathed in, she could feel an incessant itching at the back of her nostrils, and she teetered on the edge of yet another of her explosive sneezes. She did not dare meet anyone’s gaze, afraid as she was that they would notice her faraway expression, and would somehow draw her into conversation about it. Talking was the least of her ability at the moment.

She knew she had to get to the pharmacy, a good ten minutes of brisk walking through a scattering of early morning shoppers that thronged the streets. Amy knew she had to get this over with. She needed the allergy medication. Clutching a handful of tissues to her tickling nose, she hurried across the car park, painfully aware of the amount of pedestrians around her.

As she walked, she felt a trembling weakness enter her stride and could feel the pollen edging deeper and deeper into her susceptible nose. There was a rushing in her chest as it expanded with desperately inhaled air. Her shoulders shook and suddenly Amy sneezed!

Although she released it fully into the tissue, she felt it roar around her hands, burst through the flimsy paper and echo clearly from the surrounding buildings. Her eyes screwed tightly shut, mouth wide with the effort and power of the sneeze. The force of the expulsion contorted her body, stretching her summer dress with such violence that she feared it would tear.

‘Bless you!’ she heard a male voice shout from across the road, but she was too embarrassed to acknowledge the gesture and hurried on, digging frantically in her pocket for tissues that had not been all but destroyed by her colossal sneezing.

She was paranoid that without her medication her sneezes would become the frantic rapid-fire fits that she had always suffered with before discovering the marginal relief that her allergist could prescribed for her. These fits were almost incapacitating, causing her to double up, utterly at the mercy of her itching nose until the allergens had been completely expelled. Already, she could feel another sneeze building up inside of her, her lungs expanding without her consent.

She crossed the road, and paused on the far side to blow her nose. On rare occasions, this could end the fit, but not this morning. Mid-blow she sneezed again, with less force this time, her nose buried deep in the wad of tissues. She continued to clamp them to her face, as another three came shrieking out – short, sharp explosions of sound that momentarily rang in her ears.


Her head jerked forcefully with each one, her hair whipping across her shoulders and tangling with the tissues, so that the sneezes burst through a tangled curtain of curls. Amy was almost thankful that it hid her sneeze-contorted face from anyone passing by.

‘Wow – are you OK there sweetie?’ Amy heard a woman’s voice, then felt the gentle pressure of a hand on her arm. She flicked back her hair, and to her even deeper embarrassment, found herself face to face with her Classics lecturer. She nodded, hardly daring to speak lest another body-shaking fit overtake her.

‘I thought I was a loud sneezer, but… wow!’ the lecturer said again.

‘Its allergies,’ Amy managed to blurt out, trying to keep the sneeziness out of her voice. It was no good – she just sounded as if she was on the verge of releasing n sneeze of truly atomic proportions. ‘I just…aaaahhh…neeaahhh…to get to…eh..the pharmacy.’

‘Well my car is right here,’ continued her lecturer. ‘I’ll drive you. A sneeze like that, well… it might be dangerous if you were crossing the road or something. Plus, you looked like you weren’t exactly enjoying the attention.’

Amy was in such a state of near-sneeze that she did not have the energy to disagree. She allowed herself to be steered to the car and into the passenger seat. As soon as the door shut, she released a deafening scream of a sneeze into her hands, almost banging her forehead on the dashboard in the process. In the confined space of the car, the sound was magnified and Amy bucked violently against the soft upholstery. At least it was less audible to those outside.

She heard the driver’s door open and her lecturer clambered in.

‘Wow!’ she said, for the third time. ‘I’ll take you on one condition; that you warn me if you feel one of those sneaking up on you!’


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Ah! Brilliant as always! I've been loving all the new stories recently. You are SO on a roll. And the teachers commentary is quite lovely as well. Can't wait for more!

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