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Hello everyone! :) I haven't had any noteworthy obs all summer, until now that is. I've been sneezing my head off all day, I'm pretty congested, and I have no idea why. Usually, I would be very happy to have this happen, but not today. Today, thanks to hurricane Irene, me, my parents, and my sister have been inside all day due to bad weather. I can't think of anything worse than sneezing in front of my family, I absolutely hate it. :sicksmiley02: I've been stifling nonstop so that they don't hear me. The sneezing started this morning when my cat woke me up a 4 in the morning. I sat up in my bed and sleepily sneezed a double, "huh-hitchew! hatchew!" on myself and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 10 and got out of bed. I've pretty much been chilling on my couch all day doing the summer homework I should have started last month. Some of my stifles have been silent (as I intended them to be :P ) but most of them have made some kind of noise :( I wasn't as congested this morning, so my stifles sounded kind of like "heh-nggxt!" or "heh-nggshew!" if i half failed. Now they just sound kind of nasty and messy and I can't really describe how they sound other than that. I'm considering hiding in the attic or something because all the stifling is hurting my throat and I'm getting a pretty bad headache, but I think all the dust up there will just make everything worse. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or what but this is starting to get annoying.

lol I just sneezed again. it was a double sounding kind of like "heh-nnt! heh-kpppff!" Oh god I have to blow my nose so bad, it's so gross. These are the first wet sneezes I've had in a while. I'm probably not done for today, so I'll keep updating :P Sorry for the epic wordiness and length, I feel like I'm kind of ranting. I hope you enjoyed this :)

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"heh-nnt! heh-kpppff!"

I hope Irene didn't hit you guys too bad. You did well by confiding in us your sneezy predicament. Thanks for sharing.

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