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Staring at Sneezers for Health


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I just read something in one of my magazines that made me laugh. It's in an article titled 'Healthy in a Hurry 21 Ways.' Item #13 is perfect for us.

Stare at sneezers. Looking at photos of people sneezing stimulates immune cells to destroy germs, Canadian research shows. Researchers Mark Schaller, Ph.D., explains, "Your body is strengthening its defenses instead of waiting to see if you're going to catch a bug."

I knew there was a reason to look at photos. :sicksmiley02: I wonder if it works for staring at actual people sneezing? Not that I would do that. LOL

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That's a really cool find. :sicksmiley02: Our bodies are probably programmed to protect us when we see sick people, because chances are if we're around people who are ill then we're being exposed to their germs. It probably doesn't matter if it's a picture of a person or an actual person, our bodies probably respond the same way no matter what. No wonder I'm always so healthy. :(

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No wonder why I hardly ever get sick! :) That really is an awesome find. Thanks for sharing!

I was just thinking exactly the same thing!

And there you go, a logical reason why the fetish might be good for your health and therefore passed on genetically! :lol:

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