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Shirtless pre-sneeze


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Yeah... this. I have no excuse for the shirtlessness other than I love his tummy. I added the mic and the beer can later for absolutely no reason. The story I made up for it is that the guys were having a drunk rehearsal and Nathan had to stop to sneeze. He seems like the kind of guy who'd have drunken sneezing fits, so voila. :sicksmiley02:

Special thanks to Masking for taking a couple peeks at this before it was posted and offering feedback!


Facebones.jpg Facebones says "Sneezing in your arm prevents the spread of germs!"

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Ahahaha... drunken sneezing fits. :)

He has a squeezable tummy. A pillow tummy. And hoo, his impressive nose. Soo nice. Thanks for this :lol:

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Aaaagh, I LOVE Nathan's belly. Just realised recently that I have such a thing for men built like professional wrestlers. With long hair. And low voices. *melts*

So yeah, Wow. This was a nice thing to come back too. :D I agree with everyone else in that you draw the best pre-sneeze expressions. Just awesome!!

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