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Degrassi: Next Generation Fic request...


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I recently started re-watching Degrassi: Next Generation, rekindling the long forgotten adoration I have for Dylan (Paige's brother and Marco's boyfriend).

After scouring the net, I was disappointed to find only one fanfiction that even mentions him being sick, and zero that features him sneezing, or being unwell in any way. *heartbroken*

So I was wondering if someone here might be interested in writing a fic about him. I'm not picky about where or how or why (although it'd be cuter if he and Marco were together at the time... caretaking is adorable!).

I really hope someone else shares my love of these gorgeous boys.

Thank you in advance!!!!

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I love Degrassi so much, and Dylan's one of my favorites. The only problems are 1) I have a bunch of stories going and currently very little time, and 2) It's been a little while since I've seen Degrassi, especially Dylan's episodes, so my characterization might be rocky. I'd love to write it, though, it just might take me... ages.

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Ahh! Thank you!!!! Ages is fine, I'm just so glad that someone wants to do it :poster_oops:

Also sorry I didn't reply earlier, school's been crazy. But thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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