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Rupert Grint


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Aaahhh so cute! :) Even without the sneeze, that was adorable. (But still... urgghh! Wish it had come.)

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D'awwww. You could hear it in his voice about 10 seconds before, very adorable. :) Thanks for sharing. :D

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OH MY. that was HOT!

That's one of my favorite things, when someone announces their going to sneeze. Of course it's much better when a sneeze follows.

But still! This was a great find!


Also.. anyone notice his shirt had flowers on it?

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I.... NOOOO. We we were so, so, so close! Well, at least we got to hear him say the word sneeze, and blink a little pre-sneezishly, and sound stuffed up. That's almost good enough. And it's cute to know he's one of those adorable people who announces <3.

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Aww! I loved how he looked dazed like he was going to sneeze about 20 seconds before he even announced it.

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