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So, I was having dinner with this acquaintance of mine. She's petite and has brown hair and a cute, small nose. That night, she was obviously struggling, because her nose would twitch every now and then, and she kept sniffling. At one point, she said, 'Oh, I think I need to sneeze!' and made the sexiest (and most adorable) pre-sneeze face I've ever seen. Her breath hitched for almost ten seconds, which was great, because I'm a build-up gal. Anyway, she raised her index finger and rubbed her nose slightly, but it didn't do anything, because she sneezed twice, loudly, 'ASHOO, *sniff* ASHOO!'

I was, of course, melting by now, and we resumed conversation (though it took me a while to make a coherent thought.)

Around ten minutes later, her nose twitched and her breath hitched again. I stared unsubtly as she tried to continue talking. It went something like this:

'So, ah... I told her, I, eh... eh... need to...' and then she gave up and just sort of raised her head, letting the build-up go through her. She rubbed her nose again and this time it slowed the sneeze down enough for her to say, 'Oh... God... Need to sneeze ah-again... AESHOOO! ACHOO!' She sneezed twice in rapid succession, but it didn't stop the fit. She rubbed her nose harder, and her breath continued to hitch desperately. Finally, she sneezed three times, with enough pause between all of them for me to catch the build-up, 'ACHOO! Ah... ah... eh... EHSHOOO! Oh, excuse... me... ah... AHCHOOO!'

Needless to say, by the end of the night, I was a complete mess. :rolleyes:

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Guhh... :rolleyes: That sounds heavenly. Some build-ups are always nice. What a treat that you had a front row seat! :lol:

Thanks for sharing. :laugh:

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It has everything that a perfect sneezes should have: sniffing, good pre sneeze face, breathy build-ups, and a nice sneeze!

I think my jaw droped like this :( while reading.

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I stared unsubtly as she tried to continue talking.

That's what I like about pre-sneeze faces and build-ups - more often than not their eyes are closed, so my staring doesn't have to be subtle :)

Beautiful, beautiful obs, KatNY! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to the forum! :(

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