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Jon Snow ... Game of Thrones


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A brief snippet of text inspired by this painting...

It had been three days since Samwell Tarly had taken to his bed, stricken with influenza. Despite his obvious palor, the others had mocked him, prodding and buffeting him as he staggered through their number, supported, as ever by his one and only champion, Jon Snow. After helping Sam into his narrow bunk, and bringing him water, Jon exited through the low doorway, only to be surrounded once more by his fellow recruits.

“He’s pathetic,” said one of them, the scorn clear in his voice.

“Aren’t you afraid of catching it?” mocked one, raising his head in a defiant sneer.

“Catching what?” Jon’s eyes were fierce beneath his black brows.

“Tarly’s cowardice!”

Jon had not deigned that with a reply, but had only rushed at them, fists raised and snarling, and as ever they had scattered like snowflakes, swept aside by the wind. Frowning he stalked on, his cape flapping around his shoulders in the freezing air.

And now he stood, a lone sentry, standing atop the wall, proud protector of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. Snow was falling, driven before the wind in wild flurries which clung to his cloak faster than he could shake them off, black turning into white before his eyes. Wherever he stood, however much he tried to shrug the snow away, he could feel cold fingers of melting ice trickling down inside his leather jerkin sending chilly shivers down his spine.

The only light came from the fire which burned beside him in its metal basket. Bracing his shoulders, he moved closer to the flames, trying to glean what warmth he could from the meagre heat, blown away in an instant by the icy blast coming from the northern territories where the wildlings fought.

And now alongside the ice, he was finding it hard to ignore the growing ache that was spreading across his forehead. It was just the wind, he told himself. Nothing but the frost that was whitening his hair and nipping his ears and nose. Hardly surprising either that his throat should feel irritated and sore from the dry frozen air. He stifled a cough into his clenched fist.

The night passed.

And now the chills were attacking him in earnest. Shrinking nearer to the fire he crouched down on his haunches, trying to find a position that would allow him a modicum of warmth. His legs were aching. A creeping misery was spreading through him. Where the devil was his replacement? Dawn was coming, he could see her lightening the land far to the east. And now he could hear the sound of the hoists, lifting the cage towards his eerie, bringing the man who would relieve him. There was an anvil now, beating inside his head and an unmistakable burning sensation in his chest. His legs shook as he walked and he had to reach out a hand to steady himself against the icy rampart which rose beside him. He staggered into the cage and stood leaning in the corner, waiting with painful impatience for the juddering stop that would mean he had reached the ground.

Bracing himself, squaring his shoulders, he struggled to overcome the chilled shuddering that threatened to reveal his condition to the men who were gathered in the courtyard below, He made it across the cobbles, staggering with the effort, a losing battle against legs he could no longer control, and fell into the rough wooden bunk that was built into the castle wall. Groaning, he pulled the furs around him and lay there while the hot chills ran through his body and a single tear ran forlornly down his cheek.


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Oh dear! Poor Jon! I need to hug him warm and make him soup! :rolleyes: I can't describe how happy seeing this made me. And awww I'm so glad you're blaming the picture... Thank you so much for writing this. :laugh: I love it!!! :lol:

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Jon Snow <3 <3 I've got a fic in progress, also inspired by Pig's deliciously lovely painting!! This place needs more GoT fic!

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Oh dear! Poor Jon! I need to hug him warm and make him soup! ;) I can't describe how happy seeing this made me. And awww I'm so glad you're blaming the picture... Thank you so much for writing this. :hug: I love it!!! :lol:

Blaming the picture? Definitely I'm blaming the picture. I'd never even heard of Game of Thrones until you drew my attention to it!

Actually I rather like Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, and Sean Bean as Lord Stark .... oh and Emilia Clarke running around with no clothes on and being all dragony ... but they aren't as ripe for a fic as poor old Jon up on that wall...

And Dusty ... yay for more GoTs fics.

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