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I Think I'm Back..


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Only a little hello? :dribble:

I demand a great big hello with bananas and dancing cauliflower florets. :lol:

*throws cheescake noodles*

AHem .... oops, sorry, I meant welcome back lovely Evie!


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EVIE!!! :dribble::lol: I've been thinking about you lots lately, wondering where you've gone to! It's amazing to see you around again!! :hug::bag:

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I'm dancing with bananas and cauliflower florets just for you... :D I feel like I'm in a Sesame Street episode gone wrong!! haha Hmmm Cheesecake noodles.. Haven't experienced those before.. They must be new here at SFF?? Oh and HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I love my SFF friends.. Much :lol: Can't wait to catch up!


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YAY!!! The return of my beloved evie to SFF . :lol: :lol: :wub: :wub: :hug:

Now we can be naug..... errr... I mean have oddles and oddes of fun together. :D

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Oooh, nice dance Evie!

*adds coconuts to juggle and joins in*


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So, it's been a while... I've missed you guys!! Looking forward to catching up.. What did I miss? What did I miss?? hehe

:) Evie

welcome back!!

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