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Emotional - and sick


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It turns out that beginning-of-the-school-year depression plus forgetting to eat plus sleep deprivation = sickness. I've been stuffed up for the past two days, although it hasn't spread to my chest (knock wood). As soon as I blow my nose (and it's been leaking like hell), it fills right back up.

Last night, I felt hot and achy - no fever, though - and today, I've sneezed at least five times. Except for the stifles (which I did in my Lit class, because I don't like sneezing in front of people), they've been full and sort of desperate-sounding, since my nose has been tickling all day - "Hhaeshh!" Sort of squeezed into one syllable. Not super-wet, though, which is good, because I don't want that happening in class. :D Maybe in my dorm room...

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An update!

I've been sneezing a lot today, too - and a pretty awesome self-obs happened in lab (for you guys, I hope - it didn't do much for me!). I'm in an Organic Chemistry lab, and I was cleaning glassware (and wearing my lab coat) when my nose started tickling. My eyes narrowed, but it tortured me for about ten seconds before I finally muffled a desperate-sounding sneeze into my sleeve - "Hh'mmpfsh!" It was pretty wet - left a spot on my sleeve! :)

I was also wearing my glasses. Dunno if that's a good thing here, but I'll put it anyway. :)

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I haven't had a good cold in a while. If I were there, I'd offer to take it off your hands for you so that I could carry it around for a while. Also, I'd make you some soup.

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