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another cold


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i cant believe i have seen out hayfever, and now been struck down with a nasty cold :)

it started 2 night ago, when i felt achy going to sleep, and had a runny nose throughout the night. It has turned nasty now..I have a sore thorat, my nose is congested at night, and during the day, one nostril is blocked and the other one streams. I have been sneezing non-stop as usual, and going through countless boxes of tissues and toilet rolls, and the occasional hanky.

i feel awful :)

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its getting worse!!!!!!

im so unbelivably congested...... i woke up this morning sneezing, and congested in one side of my nose, my nasal spray, isnt working and niehter is any of my cold meds. I have used 4 boxes of tissues today, and sneezed well over 150 times....


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