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ugh...I'b sick


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So I caught a cold from my friend and now I feel like crap, on Wednesday I sneezed twice in the bathroom thinking nothing of it, then twice in the living room than I got a little worried, I went to bed woke up stuffy and a headache the size of Europe...but I went to school any way (more like forced). I pretty much felt like dying...I went to gym and had to play football good news: Our team won bad news: I got a small fever from that, plus no stupid guy would pass me the ball! I went home and stayed on the computer stuffy/runny nose, tired and a headache coughing every minute (also a couple of sneezes here and there). So today I stayed home (thank God!!) I still felt awful most of the time. Then today changed into my pajamas and was in the bathroom I sneezed twice but I still wanted to sneeze so I took a piece of toilet paper and induce two. Now I'm dizzy and going to bed...goodnight sniff! *coughing*

more to come...I'm gonna be sick tomorrow....

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