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Drunkduck webcomic (male mouse)


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A friend and i heard there's gonna be a sneeze scene in the webcomic 'Keeping Up with Thursday', with some sneezing in it, after snooping around. xD i asked when the new page is gonna be up and they said it'll be tomorrow.

to get caught up

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yeah :3 Vinnie the mouse is so adorable isn't he? x3 i like this artist's style

i can only expect more will probably come from him in the series. ;)

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i wonder how vinnie's story is gonna pan out. :P patrick's was pretty rough around the edges, y'know? i dunno why i like it os much.

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nothing new on the latest page, just sniffling

was stull really cute though. his face is adorable

hehehe :twisted:

some build-up by vinnie and in the halloween jam comic, he mentions it... xD i dunno about you, but something tells me this is gonna be a gag for a good long while!

i'll stop now. D:

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I hope so. This is far too cute. I'm kinda hoping for a situation where a sneeze could make the difference between life and death, and see him struggle to keep it in.

God I'm weird XD

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LOL, the apple falling down on page 9. a sneeze just saved a life. xDD

i never seen so much happening so far! there's gotta be a fan-fic of this at some point; even the character Patrick gets all up in a bunch about it. xDD i love it.

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