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Hi everyone, I have been a follower of this terrific forum for years, and the only suggestion I have is relevant to the media section. I believe it would be much easier if the moderators divided the video and audio section into male and female sneezes. That way, browsing would be made easier. Just my 2 cents worth. Plaudits to the moderators and to the posters! Very best, Jim

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That does seem like a nice suggestion... but what would we do with videos and audio things that contain both? That means having to subdivide it into three section which I think would make the forum a little crowded...

Apart from that, I think it will be rather hard finding a volunteer to go through all the previously posted things to divide them up... unless you're offering? wink.png

So I do like the idea, just don't think it's practical.

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Well, now that we have tags, wouldn't it be much easier to just go through and tag everything? I think that might be a happy medium.

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