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I was at the gym training meeting up with my personal trainer. He and I have been buddies forever and I have never looked at him as anything but that. He has become really flirty lately but I have been just laughing it off.

Well, today after I worked out he asked me if I wanted to go hang out since he wasn't expecting any more clients. We do this occasionally so I didn't think anything of it. As we are driving he looks as though he going to sneeze but after a few false starts, nothing. A few minutes later, he starts sniffing and just as I look over at him he sneezes at least 12 times, one after the other. ( great sneezes I might add) He apologizes and explains that he thinks that he might be allergic to his new car air freshener. He proceeds to sneeze every 2 to 3 minutes the whole drive. He is one of those people that talks all the way up to the sneeze. All of a sudden I am looking at him in a different light, ;)

Did I mention that every time he sneezes, his sexy abs get all tensed up? I'm talking sexy.

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