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Guest pogueman

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Guest pogueman

...their first exposure to this community?

Must have been about 8-9 years ago for me.

I was doing a word search for 'sneeze' on the horrid AOL Webcrawler, relishing every link that wasn't about a lizard or Tori Amos (remember those days of futility??? At least it was better than hoping for cartoons or looking up the word time and again in the dictionary), when I came upon a post in some fetish forum.

"Does anyone here get turned on by women sneezing?" - demon327

It was one question...but it finally validated what had been a very solitary, lonely (yet sexually charged) interest for me. Heart beating wildly in my chest, I answered and emailed him (MIKE...you still around???) Soon after, I came across the newsletter and then......<<<drumroll>>>> SFO!!!

We've come a long way, baby!

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Guest pogueman

SORRY ROB (not Mike)!

Got you mixed up with another early contact.

I see you ARE still around! How goes, droog?

(If you remember me at all, it would probably be under one of my 'tomcat' aliases)


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:-) I remember looking at health books, reading the symptomes of hayfever over and over :-) i the old days before this fantastic community started.


Cheers + take care


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Yep nothing like articles on colds, flu and allergies to spark my interest, when I was eight, and it still does now.

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Guest sneezgrrl

Ahhh yes, I remember when I first discovered that I was not alone in these feelings. Wow, it was over 6 years ago now, and I was basically doing the same thing. Typing in the words "sneeze, sneezy, sneezing" into different search engines. And then I discovered TOS. I was amazed that I was not the only one out there! LOL! Yes, I remember those days of reading thru health books, dictionaries, etc...it still amazes me that there are others out there who did these things. LOL! :drool:


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<laughter> seriously? everyone else ran off to be alone with the dictionary, too? damn, this is always surprising. <grin> i loved those vocab assignments in around fifth grade, all those excuses to look up sneeze, allergy, cold, flu in the dictionary...

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Not only do I remember the first days of sneeze fetish online, but also exchanges with .... Tomcat ! Welcome back !

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When I was first exposed to the forum? It hasn't even been a year (but I think it will be this month! )

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I remember my first exposure to the community was when i was 14, or maybe 13. A while back, anyway. The first sites I found were SFO and the original version of Tarotgal's 'Tarot of Sneezing' I was WAAY too timid to post at that time... in fact I didn't start posting until quite recently, and I've never donated a wav or story before...

I may, though, one of these days... If I ever actually sneeze more then once. ><



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This is going to be the world's fastest summary of my carreer with my fetish and the internet.

It wasn't until 8th grade that I started to get into all this web surfing stuff and I remember one day just searching for the word "sneezing" just to see what it would come up with. Long story short, some of the first sites I remember finding were Sneezing Girls, Serotica, and the Tarot of Sneezing. Tarot of Sneezing was by far my favorite, because it was exactly everything I was looking for! At first I would just look at the pictures and read the stories until I finally found the Diary of a Sneeze Fetishist, and I remember saying to myself: "It's a...fetish?" :D So yeah, that freaked me out for a little while...but I couldn't help myself, just kept going back to those sites, and was delighted to keep finding more and more great ones. Gallery of the Sneezes, Bondi's Wav Page, And eventually...in May of last year, I found this forum. And I'm happy to have done so. :D I just started posting and eventually made some great friends...I have never chatted with any other sneeze fetishist before...was kinda scary at first...but it's okay now :wub: Bondi was the one who got me to post wavs, or rather....made me feel welcome and comfortable enough to post them. :drool: Thank you so much. :laugh:

Wow...that really was a summary. I'm sure I left a lot out. Oh well, someday when I can get all of my thoughts together I'll write a more comprehensive essay about how I came to be a sneeze fetishist. :wub:

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