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Bradley Cooper in "Limitless"


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theres this part in the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper's (wubsmiley.gif ) character gets sick after he stops taking the pills. he doesnt actually sneeze, but hes all feverish, has dark circles around his eyes, and hes also flushed, and his nose is all pink and sniffly!! also some coughing and a puke scene (though i know not many ppl are into puke scenes)

is it just me, or does bradley cooper look absolutely amazing sick? (not that he doesnt already look absolutely perfect :D )

here is part of it:

i would watch the movie though cuz that clip is only a small part of it
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Mmmm...I've been meaning to watch this for a while, but this gives me even more reason to. Unf, Bradley Cooper.

Thanks for sharing! :D

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Okay, I definitely need to see this movie. I wanted to see it when it was in theatres but never got around to it. But Bradley Cooper is so adorable with such a nice pointed nose. *le sigh*

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I have seen that movie, too (not bad by the way).

He is not really my type either, but definitely makes a charming leading man and just the fact that someone is considered handsome

makes it more attractive to me if said person is sick - or acts sick in that case. (Weird? I know...):

Anyway, he does a good job at sounding sick. Wonder how good actors do this and if there is a trick.

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First of all, I freaking LOVE Bradley Cooper! I've loved him since before The Hangover. I thought the movie was awesome, and that yes, he is indeed sexy when he looks and acts sick! LOL

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