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Courteney Cox


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Found this after some snooping :) Courteney is telling a story about a bet she had going with Matthew Perry and, apparently, the loser (Matthew) had to be the other's slave for a few months. She demonstrates this by faking a sneeze to get him to come out with a tissue for her, but if I hadn't known what she was doing, I'd assume it was real. Crazy!


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There's also a Jay Leno interview with Courtney where she has a cold, and they talk about sneezing and .I'll see if I can find it; I don't remember which one it is or what exactly!

Discussion starts around 6.03, and at the end (8.15) he thanks her for coming on the show even though she has a cold and...yeah!

(Edited because I found it!)

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Darn, I can't get the megaupload to work! Any chance the Courtney Cox fake sneeze bit has been copied and saved somewhere else by anybody?

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