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Finally on the Forum!


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Well first off I would just like to say hello to everyone in the forum! I have had (and known) about my sneezing fetish for years and years now and I remember when I was younger seeing this forum and being scared to talk to people about it! Then I just sorta forgot about it.

Now that I'm older I have NO trouble talking about it with other fetishists and potential dating material wink.png I have also made a youtube account which I would post videos of myself inducing but not showing myself. Just recently I made a few with me actually in the video! Then I came across the forum again, and I got SOO excited. I can't wait to meet more people and discuss things about the fetish here!

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Welcome to the forum!Hope you have a good time and make good friends here!

Welcome to the forum

Have fun!


Thank you both (:

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Easy to make friends? When we are all so terrifying?



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Welcome to the forum. :) Hope you'll enjoy the scenery. ^^

When we are all so terrifying?
Hmmm... I think the noodle-whipping might put some people off a bit. ;) .... ... *flees*
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