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Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos


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Okay, so I went and saw the Fullmetal Alchemist movie that just came out (it's showing at select theaters in the U.S. and Canada! XD)

And... I'm 99.9999% sure of this (I was SO mad because my friend said something to me right as it happened and I just BARELY caught it.. so if it wasn't actually a sneeze than I'll feel awkward lolz... <.<) But Edward Elric sneezes. Randomly. And it was AWESOME!! XDD

Neither version of the film is online, so I sadly can't link it (or double-check to make sure it was a sneeze... heh... tonguesmiley.gif But if my fetish sense was correct - and it usually is - it totally was one. X) ) I saw it in dub, which I would likely prefer to the sub anyway because A. Ed is actually played by a male voice actor (no offense to Romi, but if i know the VA of a male character that sneezes is female, it rather ruins it for me...) and B. It's VIC FREAKING MIGNOGNA.


But here's how it went --

Ed's trying to get from this one city high up on a hill down to a really really deep valley town, and so he used alchemy to create an elaborate pulley thing to ride down on XD He was warned by this one dude that the town down there is impoverished and is permeated by a foul odor... yeah... so he started descending into the valley. A little while later, it cuts back to him and he's STILL riding down (lol) and he goes,

"EhhJJSHIH!!" [covers mouth and nose] "Man, he was right about the smell..." (then a stream of garbage pours down from above and he nearly falls off in disgust... LOLOL. aaevil.gif )

Haha so yeah, if I heard correctly, that is THE best Ed sneeze I have ever heard Vic do. happy.png (and.. if any of you have seen it, I'm dying to know whether I heard right or not heh.gif)

But fyi, if you're at all a fan of FMA, go watch it if you can!! It's an EPIC movie in the first place, completely worth your money!! mf_laughbounce2.gif

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ohhhmaigod you can´t even imagine how JEALOUS i am RIGHT now!!!! ^_^

i really hope it wouldn´t take too much time till the release here in germany!!! <_<

and thanks for mentioning eds sneeze!! :wub:

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I don't know, I hope so... they're being REALLY careful with it so far though. I mean, it's been out in Japan since July... i thought for sure i could find it somewhere but the only places online that supposedly have it are the ones that want you to download stuff or take surveys.. and i don't use that kind of site... sleep.png But yeah it was AWESOME in theater. I wish my town's theater were still playing it, i would be tempted to go watch it again XDD

On the off chance that any U.S. or Canadian fans are interested, here's the link with all the theaters smile.png


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WTF!? It's not even in my STATE T^T... guh..

Well, I'll be waiting like some sort of stalker until it comes out. Vic does the MOST SEXY, MOST HAWT, MOST AMAZINGLY AWESOME SNEEZES EVER.. just thinking about it-... *purrrrrrr*..

On a side note, some girl I talked to the other day was like, "I met Vic, and he's a dick.".. I was like, "WHAT!? DIE, BITCH!" xDDDD.. Apparently he was in an elevator with her, talking about womanizing women. But whatever. She's stupid lol. He's famous, and women love him, so I don't understand what the problem was. He's too nice to be mean (and if he is mean, he knows better than to do it in front of people xD).

Annnnyway lol. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I GET TO SEE IT NEEEEEEEEEE. Smiley, I can always count on you for the best Vic news lol.

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D: That's terrible!! XP I'm fortunate that my city picked it up at the last minute... When I first heard about it I thought I was gonna have to travel to see it but apparently enough otaku in my area begged for it XD I wish all of you could see it....

YES, Vic's fake sneezing abilities are just.... adsfjskl.... yeah. That. aaevil.gif (which I find slightly ironic, since his real sneeze is nothing like them huh.png )

lol just out of curiosity have you heard any others of his? I only know of his Ed ones, but I figure that since he's had such a dang prolific (ANIME! i.e. the land of random sneezing when people talk about you) career there must be more somewhere.... <.< lol now I sound like a stalker... ninja.gif

but I'm not, I'm just a fangirl! happy.png is there a difference...

Wooowww...... O.o Okay firstly I still say she's lucky to have actually met Vic Mignogna yes.gif

...and second, I wonder if he was with his fiancee at the time lol <.< but yeah I agree with you - he IS famous, and he's got a huuuuuge fangirl following, so it's not uber-shocking that he would ever talk like that sleep.png And anyway from what I've heard from most fans, he's actually a pretty nice person, soooo I would still wanna meet him at a con XD (but maybe not in an elevator..? rolleyes.gif)

lol yeah I have posted about Vic a couple times now, haven't I... XD I don't suppose you can tell that he's one of my all time fav voice actors... laughing.gif

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@ Smiley

Yeah, me too T^T.. it would have been awesome xD

He's SUCH a good actor. He really gives his all, even for the littlest things, such as sneezing <3 (thank goodness for us he does so xD). I haven't seen any others yet, I don't think, but I'll start combing :D.. I know he plays Zero in Vampire Knight, and there's a wonderful amount of angst in that anime. Such an opposite from Tamaki xD. I'll have to start stalking him >:D xDDD

Yeah, sheesh. I was frustrated, but I just kept smiling until she went away xD. Never talking to her about him again. She was just jealous xD.

BUH, he's my favorite tooooo~! Sqweeeeeeeeeeeeee! x3.... love love love his work ^_^.. his voice... him and Jerry Jewel. They're great xD. And J Micheal Tadum.. and Johnny Young Bosch... And Crispen Freeman.. nomomomomomomom xDDDD. Love their voices xD

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IKR?! He's so talented... XDD (And boy do i wanna see the movie again... <.< i'm so sure it was a sneeze asfssjkfashlll a reeeaaaally good one too T_T.... *berates self for talking to friend in theater* lol....) I've been trolling his work for a while now, but the two that I've really loved from him (Ed!) I've discovered quite by accident tonguesmiley.gif *sigh oh well. XD

Ahhh the Funimation dubbers!!! They're all so awesome!!!! :DDDD I love Vic and Travis Willingham and J Michael Tatum and Todd Haberkorn and Micah Solusod and Chris Sabat and Troy Baker and....! (Fangirl? ~Nani..? I don't know what you're talking about... innocent.gif ) Haven't had all that much luck with finding stuff from them though sleep.png (except for Todd, he's done rather a lot of them actually ^^ ... I'm always hunting for anime sneezes though, it's entertaining XD)

Have you seen Jerry Jewell's sneeze from Case Closed? happy.png

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I FOUND THE SUBBED VERSION ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD And YES I was right!!! mf_laughbounce2.gif It was a sneeze. hehehehehehhh aaevil.gif Now I REALLY can't wait for the DVD release so I can hear the dub version again (which, by the way, is slated for April 24th!! XD) Here's the link to the sub, for those of you who are interested.

http://animetoplist....-sei-naru-hoshi I clicked the "Anime Dreaming" version... The sneeze is at around 30:38. Lol Romi did it well, although like I said it doesn't really do much for me heh.gif But they changed the part a bit in the dub! Ed doesn't freak out at the garbage in this one... pity. X) Well now my burning curiosity is appeased... but I'm still dying for the DVD release. happy.png

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It's out!!!! :DDDD LOLOL ~Ahhh, after three long months of impatience, I finally got to hear Vic's version again! XDD hahaha :3 So I can't decide how the sneeze itself compares to the other ones he's done, but the little clip is freaking HILARIOUS. laughing.gif The sneeze is cute, and him plugging his nose afterward and complaining about the smell is, too. XD Also - I'm the kind of person who likes both subbed and dubbed anime, but in the case of this particular movie, the dubbed voice acting is AMAZING, in my opinion (not necessarily the writing, mind you, but the acting). I feel like the actors really have a love for this show, since they've been with it for so many years now... but of course that's just my take on it X) And i think both versions are excellent. ^^

So, for all my fellow FMA fans, here's the link to the English dub of the movie, if it so interests you. XD (The sneeze is at 30:47, FYI.)


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