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HI! I've been a member for a while, but never introduced myself (where did my manners go?!). So hello fellow fetishist, my name isn't actually Lexi but we'll just pretend it is. I still feel like a lurker. I'm bi, I love Doctor Who, all things Joss Whedon though I haven't finished Angel yet. Harry Potter is the shit. I curse too much and I'm still in the closet except for 5 people and you guys now. So thats it, link me if you like I don't bite and I'd love to be your friend (cheesy much, oh well).

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You've been here longer than me, so I feel a little silly saying "Welcome!", but it's nice to meet you! :D

Ooo, I've been slowly getting into Doctor Who lately...I just said goodbye to 9. *sob* But I'm loving David Tennant as 10 so far. :P

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(Belated) Welcome to the forum. :)

Oooh, one can't have enough Doctor Who-fans around here. ^^ Who is your favourite Doctor so far? :innocent:

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@JenJen I cry at every regeneration! Wait till Matt Smith (11), he brings the show to a new level!

@Sigrith I battled with this for a while but I must say my favourite Doctor is 11, but it was almost Tennant.

@Joal555 :D

@dude18323 Fanks! Why 18323?

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