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Jason unlocked the door and entered his home. It felt so great to be home. He had fought his way through the day- he had a headache so terrible that whenever he moved or shook his head, it felt as if weights were sliding around. He put his work bag on the floor and lazily put his coat on the couch. He sat down and put his head in his hands.

He heard his wife, Ellen, from in the kitchen. “Hey sweetie”, she said. “How was work?”

“It was alright,” Jason replied, after coughing lightly. “I felt a little dizzy all day though.”

“Augh, that’s not good. Disney’s been working you animators like crazy this past month.” She walked over and sat next to her husband. “Your sleep means more than deadlines to me you know. Can’t you take a day off or two?”

Jason coughed a little more before his response. “Yeah. I know.” He sniffed and rubbed his nose harshly with his forearm. “Hu’ Kishh,” he sneezed.

“Bless you,” she said a little concerned. She looked at her husband as he rubbed his nose some more and held his head.

“Man. You look beat up.”

“I feel beat up.” Jason slumped in his chair and closed his eyes.

They heard they’re one year old, Johnny, crying from inside the kitchen. Ellen began to get up until Jason stopped her.

“I’ll do it.” He got up and slowly started to progress to the kitchen. He found that he had to hold on to the wall for a little bit, to steady himself. When he got to there, he gingerly picked up little Johnny and held him near his face.

“Well hello there, baby,” he beamed. “How are you? Are you feeling better? Can we bring you back to daycare tomorrow?” He started to make cooing noises and gave him some funny faces. Ellen giggled as she watched her husband play.

Jason walked around while lightly bouncing the baby in his arms, but Johnny wouldn’t stop crying. His wailing made Jason’s headache feel fifty times worse.

“Aw, Come on, Johnny! What’s wrong now? You ate, didn’t you? He turned to his wife. “Is he still running that fever? Didn’t the Tylenol have any affect? Maybe he’s ...heh… he’tschiew! He swiftly turned his face away from Johnny and sneezed again. “huh tschoo!” he gasped for air as he felt the last one gliding through his nose. “HAAH ETTSCHOOO!”

He sniffed thickly.

“Not near the baby!” Ellen said as she snatched Johnny away. We don’t want him to get sick again- I want to get back to work.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help…huh’ help it,” he said between spasms. He bent over and sneezed hard on the floor. “HAH ETSCHH!..HAH’ ETSCHOO! Huh Ngdxt! He shivered after each sneeze. He started towards the bathroom for some toilet paper to blow his nose, but soon started to feel dizzy, and he sat down on a chair. “Gnxx’TSCHOO!” He shuddered wildly and started to lean forward with dizziness. Ellen came to his side with Johnny still in her arms.

After a few moments, Jason was able to pick up his head without the crazy dizziness. “I’m sorry,” he said. “That’s been happening all day.” He sniffed hard and started to get up, for the toilet paper.

“Wait. Wait,” Ellen said as she lightly pushed him back down. She set the crying Johnny on his back on the couch and started to feel her Husband’s forehead. She travelled her hand down to his cheeks, and then to his chest.

“You’re warm,” she said. “I think you’ve got a fever.”

“You worry too much,” Jason replied. “Johnny is enough to worry about. “He’s the one with no defense system.”

“I don’t care what you say; I’m bringing you upstairs and sticking a thermometer in your mouth.

“Sounds like fun,” Jason replied.

Ellen smiled as she picked up Jason’s arm and put it around her neck. She studied her husband’s face as he tried his hardest to walk without having to lean on her. That’s the way Jason had always been- He was sensitive in some ways, (like towards his baby) but in most ways, Jason was all manly man, and didn’t like to show any sign of illness or weakness. But even though Jason wouldn’t say it, Ellen always knew when he was ill; He always got dizzy and he would sweat like no tomorrow. Ellen felt the effects of the latter as she trudged him upstairs and into the bedroom.

When they reached the bedroom, Jason sat on the bed and sniffed. He leaned forward as he saw the room begin to spin around before his eyes. He held his head in his hands and patiently waited for the dizziness to stop. Ellen sat next to him and rubbed his back as he waited. Soon he came back up.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Why do you keep apologizing? It’s not your fault you’re sick. If anything, it’s Johnny’s.”

Jason sniffed and nodded, not completely convinced. Ellen walked over to the closet and got out one of Jason’s undershirts and sweats.

“Put these on and get in bed. I’m coming back with the thermometer.”


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He guys! i'm HappyBunny. This is my first time posting anything big here. I hope you like how it's starting! This idea as well as others has been floating in my mind for quite a while.

What do you think? any suggestions for what should happen next?

There's more to come! :)

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Care-taking YES! Poor Jason, I hope receives all the care he needs...so I look forward to reading more. Yum turned.gif

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YESYESYESYES!!!!!!!! Oh pleassse continue! This is wonderful, I LOVE a manly man who coo's over his children, and most of all, I love a manly man who doesn't like to show signs of weakness...but is struck down by a terrible illness..I can't wait for more!

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Hi again! i'm posting part 2 now. Thanks for all the comments! :)

Although he was in sweats, Jason was shivering like crazy. There was no way he’d get any sleep if he kept shivering like this, so he turned on the TV and started to distantly flip channels. He was excited to see that Friends was on. It was some funny episode about Joey but he hardly laughed at all- He was coughing so loud he hardly heard anything. And he wouldn’t stop shivering! He decided to get up and retrieve new sheets from the closet in the attic. He walked slowly and carefully. Somehow he managed to climb all the stairs to the attic and get the sheets. After a while though he felt dizzy; he decided to sit down for a while. He briefly closed his eyes until he realized he had to sneeze. “Heh E’Schoo! Ha' Eshhhh!!” He sniffed and wiped his nose on the sheet. “HA KISHH’OO! ‘KISHOO! ISHOO! “What the fuck,” He thought as he vigorously rubbed his nose. “HA’ESHIEWW!”

Ellen heard him and called from down the stairs. “Jason? What are you doing up there?”

“Eh, nothing.” He replied. “Just sneezing until I die.”

“Oh, you’re such a big baby! Come, I have the thermometer and I made you some tea to help that cough.” Jason laughed a little, until it turned into a coughing fit. Ellen went up to help him down the stairs. When they got to the room, Ellen shoved Jason back in the bed and gave him the cup of tea. He took it and sipped. The two of them looked at Friends in silence. Jason suddenly placed the cup down and sneezed to his side. “Huh ‘ISHOO!” HAH.. HUH ISHOO! *sniiffff* ‘ISHOO! “ He rubbed his eyes and dragged his hand down his face. “Huh… ESHOO! HUH ESHOO! Ishoo!

He sniffed and blew his nose.

“Bless you,” Ellen offered. She looked at her husband as he laid his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. His cheeks were flushed and she could hear his stuffy breathing. She chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“You look so miserable!”

Jason sniffed and gave a little smile. “Yeah, Thanks.

Ellen laid down and petted Jason’s hair. “Oh Jason,” she cooed. She kissed his sweaty face and laid her head on his chest. She laid in this position for a while, until she registered how warm Jason felt. She had forgotten to take his temperature.

“Oh hey, the thermometer,” She said. She fumbled it out of her pocket and put it in his mouth. They waited a while until they heard the beep.

“102.2”, she said. “Yuck.”

Jason groaned and rolled over. “ Great.” How am I going to work tomorrow when the thermometer’s reading that? With all those deadlines, I really don’t think I can afford a day- *Cough cough* He was cut off by his lungs deciding to suddenly produce crap up his throat. He took some more of his tea and cleared his throat. He lay back down and closed his eyes. With his eyes still shut, he asked his wife about how Johnny faired today. When he left for work the 4 month old was running a fever and had a runny nose.

“Oh he’s doing much better,” Ellen replied. He slept off the fever but he’s still pretty tired. He slept all day today. I didn’t have to do much but give him his medicine.” She laughed a little as she thought about her day. “He was a little cranky when he was awake though. That’s why he was crying so much when you came home. I think he’s asleep now .”

“Hmm,” Jason replied in his sleep.

“Jason?” Ellen got up and looked in his face. He was fast asleep. She got up and pulled the covers over his body. She noticed his shivering and turned the heat up. She turned the TV volume down and shut the door.

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i love the sick parents theme. Especially when the kid is an infant/toddler and can be unaware of what happens around him/her. and then there is the tender family-ness of it all.

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