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Both Besties Are Sick!


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okay, so, I have two main bff's. Let's call them D and M for the time being. M is about 5'2, with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. D is about the same height, with brown, slightly curly hair and brown eyes.

They both caught the same cold, and I've been getting a lot from them! Though I'm getting more sneezes from M and more coughing from D. Like the other day, in Spanish class. M sits behind me, one desk in between us. I didn't see it, but I heard a slightly muffled "Heh-PSCHH!!" I happen to know she always sneezes into cupped hands, which is why it sounded a little muffled. I got a bunch more exactly like that, but never a double or anything :(

Unfortunately, D stifles...silently :(

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I would absolutely die! I wish my best friends were sick :) Wow that sounded mean lol! but who cares right? by the way awesome obs :)!

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