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Carmen and Hollie were both college roomates (sophomores) and best friends. Carmen had Fiery red hair and beautiful green eyes, and Hollie has soft brown hair and eyes. Both of the girl were intelligent and beautiful.

Friday, December 5th, 2012

Carmen woke up in her room, knowing she had caught the cold that had been going through the girls' dorm. Her throat was sore, her head hurt, and like every time she had a cold, her nose was completely congested and itchy. In fact, she felt the urge to sneeze as soon as she woke up.

*site up in bed w/ elbow in front of face*ha'TI shuu!

She sniffed and tied her hair back, scanning her mini-room for a bow of tissues. She found one on her Hollie's nightstan and grabbed two, blowing her nose quitly, but it amde her nose itch more and she sneezed again

ha'TI shhuu, ha'TI shuu

"Bless you," said Hollie as she came into Carmen's room to make sure she was awake. "You alright? You look like you have a cold."

Carmen also had lost of allergies (Dust Pollen , and mold, but not cats, Carmen loved cats). Sh esniffed and answered , "no, jsut allergies. I haven't taken my pills yet."

Hollie looekd skeptically at Carmen's pale face and shadows under her eyes. "Ok...well take you pills and get ready, Cardiology starts at 9."

Carmen inwardly groaned. Hse didn't feel up to sitting in a stuffy room, listening to a boring professor drone on and on about cardiology, knowing the dusty room wouldnt help her already cold-ridden nose. Nonetheless, she took her allergy pills, changed into a sweatshirt and jeans, and was about to head out the door when she felt a sneeze form in her nose.

ha'TI shuu "Maybe I'll grab some tissues before I leave ," she thought before she walked back to the box of tissues.


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Aha! And what will happen during Cardiology class?? I look forwards to finding out - not sure those tissues are going to help her... :D

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