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Hello & thanks for having me... :)


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Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about joining this community for a while, and I would like to say that now that it has finally happened, I just feel a combination of relief and excitement to think that I can communicate with people who share this wonderful attraction to sneezing (and related aspects), and a sort of nervousness because I have no idea where to start!

Something happened to me this week which made me realise I didn't want to just visit this forum as an occasional observer- I actually want to be able to share things with people who would relate to me on something that is so special and important to me, and yet something that I could never hope to discuss with most people in my life.

What happened was this- I met up with an old friend of mine. We used to be close at the time when I started college, and he was the first person who I ever told about my fetish. He was fascinated and very accepting. Then our friendship developed into a brief romance, and the whole thing ended awkwardly shortly after. We (miraculously) kept in touch as acquaintances for nearly 6 years, catching up for a quick coffee maybe every six months or so. But since his knowledge of my fetish had played into the later part of our relationship, once we were back to friends all talk of the fetish became completely off-limits.

To cut to the chase- we met up the other day and for the first time since our silly fling all that time ago, he sneezed in my presence. I had always imagined this would be an awkward moment if it ever happened- but it was more than that, it was excruciating! His sneeze was unexpected, and so loud that I visibly jumped. Having already reacted, a wave of anxiety went through me as I realised that his next thoughts were probably going to be "oh god, I hope I didn't just turn her on". I felt like I had to say something to break the silence, which ended up being a totally forced "ahhh... are you okay?!"

He looked mortified and wouldn't even meet my eyes. This was all happening as we were on the street trying to catch a cab, and luckily I spotted one in the distance. If only it came 30 seconds earlier! Though we had previously said we would share a cab, I blurted out "hey, you know what, you just take this one, I'm actually feeling like a walk". He looked incredulous, but then nodded and got in with barely a goodbye.

The next day, whilst I still shuddered at the memory of this exchange, I was sure it would just be a case of "pretend it never happened" . That was until I realised he had already deleted and blocked me from Facebook- a bad sign! I tried to call him to make light of it, but was hung up on straight away. Not wanting to harass him, I have left it at that, though the incident left a bigger impression on me than I expected. I have only ever revealed the fetish to a handful of people, and it never occurred to me that it could make someone feel so awkward and me so freak-like!

So after a few days of wishing I had never told anyone about this fetish at all, I realised I honestly don't regret it- I just lack that feeling of support that comes from being able to interact with friends who understand how I might feel. I still embrace my fetish as much as ever and I want to share that enjoyment with everyone here.

I look forward to hopefully making friends around the forum and thank you everyone for just being here and making this place exist! smile.png

Best Wishes,


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Hi Neri, welcome to the forum! I hope everything resolves itself with your friend, and you're right, it is fantastic to have support :) I know myself, I've got a whole lot less awkward about other people sneezing, as well as finding this place a fantastic support for all other non-related matters!

I hope you enjoy being a part of the community :)

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Hi Neri, and a very warm welcome to the forum :). Thank you for sharing your experience with us...I am only sorry that things ended so awkwardly for you, but also hope that everything resolves itself eventually. Rest assured you will find plenty of support here, and a place you can share your thoughts and feelings openly with others who understand. This really is a great place to be, and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. Looking forward very much to getting to know you better and seeing you around the boards :).

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That's rather a sad story. A pity everything became so awkward and you both were unable to find a way to laugh it off. It would have been better perhaps if it hadn't happened right when you were about to part anyway.

Either way, it's good that you feel able to join up here. I look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you better.

If there's anything you want to know, feel free to ask, or there is lots of information for new members in Read Before Posting.

Happy forumming!


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Hi Kiwifruit, Wishing & Vetinari! smile.png

Thank you very much for your welcome! I was a bit hesitant before clicking that first posting button, knowing I had babbled on about some episode from my life without anyone knowing me.

I am really only at the beginning of being open and confident with friends in life in general, so I am looking forward to the experience of sharing this part of me and seeing where it all leads. smile.png

I am at least fairly certain that I won't be getting myself into any more experiences like the one I just described any time soon!

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Welcome to the forum. :)

I'm sorry to hear things went so awkwardly, hope everything works out between the two of you at some point. Of course I don't know the entire situation, but it seems quite drastic to block someone on facebook because of one freak-out.

(Heaven knows I've jumped at loud sneezes before. Usually because they were well... a loud noise. )

Anyway, enjoy the forums!

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What a sad story.....

Well, rest assured, you will be very comfortable at discussing these things here. Anyone who is relaxed enough to tell such a story as their first post is likely to be a very positive presence on the forum. So welcome, and have fun!


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To Sigrith, Joal and Spoo... thank you so much for your support and welcome, and of course, for reading that!

I think that writing the experience down has helped me to put it in perspective.

When I was madly typing the other night, I really had it in my mind that this was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me in terms of this fetish, but upon reflection... as bad experiences go, this is not as confronting as I first thought.

The idea of "ultimate rejection" (blocking from facebook, hanging up phone) was like a slap to the face at first, especially as those are two actions which I consider to be amazingly immature, and below anyone who I had ever considered a friend.

But now I am thinking, he was always a sexually withdrawn person, and was very suddenly placed in a situation where he had done something we used to discuss/ engage with in a sexual way. I can imagine that was hard to deal with, and he may have just got home and decided he didn't want to ever feel like that again.

I forgot to mention in response to Vetinari earlier, that I also agree that if this hadn't just happened as we were leaving each other anyway, then the awkwardness would have probably faded away as the night progressed! But ahh, it was just not to be. smile.png

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Welcome to the forum, Neri. I'm sorry for your experience with your friend, though I'm happy it brought you here!

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Hi there Neri :) This fetish certainly does have its ups and downs, especially in how it is viewed by people who don't have it. Glad you have decided to join us and I hope you have fun here :D

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Hello, and welcome Neri.

You have absolutely nothing to feel awkward about...you are amongst many nice and caring friends here who understand your feelings entirely. You have a right to feel wonderful about your unique and beautiful interest in sneezing...while others may not understand, they also don't know what they are missing...the beautiful, warm, nurturing, and intimate aspects of sharing your sneeze stories and interests with others who also share your interests. Put in a few posts, and before you know it, you'll feel absolutely fine in posting, along with feeling good about yourself and your sneezing interests/fetish. Take care, and we hope to hear lots from you in the future. Welcome!!!

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