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Autobot allergy? Not possible! ...but it is... (F)


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This made me smile when I saw this. The female robot sneezing is called Arcee, and I think almost everyone knows who the yellow robot is (how many yellow autobots are there? Only one or two that I can think of.) Anyway, the only reason why I found this is because of a wonderful link that Pilgrim posted earlier. http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=43605 Thank you Pilgrim for that link! :D

This could be connected directly to that link, but technically I don't think autobots are meant to be manga characters. Still, there is wonderful sneezes there! Just be warned...don't click any of the side pictures. I have no idea where they lead to, never clicked on them myself, but I definitely know it isn't to the next sneeze drawing.

Anyway, choose to look at this or not ^^;. I'm just happy I found this :)

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