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My boyfriend is magic!


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So I am sitting here with my laptop, working on material for an erotic story we're writing together. C is sitting at his computer, and he turns and asks me what I'm doing. I tell him, and he looks happy cause he loves writing with me. I look down at my computer again and I hear him sniff. I glance up as I see him turn toward me, looking sneezy. I gaze at him as his expression grows more and more desperate, until he pitches forward, hands on his knees, and sneezes "Huh-CHISHHH!!"

He straightens up, looking excited and triumphant. Some of you may remember my previous obs, where when C thinks/reads/writes about sneezing, he sneezes. This time, he told me just wanted to sneeze and then he did.

That's right. My boyfriend can now sneeze on command.

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How brilliant is that?! Do you think he could teach my boyfriend to do that? :lol:

You lucky, lucky girl. Enjoy! And thanks for sharing!

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:D Thank you guys for the comments!

Nony, I told him about yours because he loves star wars--he's stoked to have jedi powers! :D

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