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Double Meme Roundup (Supernatural, M)

Lady Blessington

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There are two sick!Dean memes on LJ right now! One's at tarotgal's and the other's at Hoodie Time. COME AND PLAAAYYYY.

I've herded all my gen fills into one page on ff.net and all my Sam/Dean fills into another, but there are so many good fills by different people, and the ones at tarotgal's are all about the sneeeezing.

...Aaaaaand here we have a bonus ficlet of PURE GRATUITOUS I DON'T EVEN KNOWNESS, in which Dean catches cold from being outside in the cold, and Sam is slashily snugglily awesome, and there's a lot of sneezing and not much else. Hooraaaaayyyyy!

Dean unwound the snowy scarf from around his neck and shook it over the motel carpet. The hot air of the motel room sent a violent shiver through him and his teeth clacked together. He pulled off his padded gloves and sniffled as his nose began to run.

"Honey," he called toward the closed bathroom door, "I'm home."

His nose kept dripping and he kept on snuffling as he worked his frozen fingers over the snaps on his jacket, then coaxed down the zipper. The chilly metal stung the pads of his fingers and he grimaced, inhaling in surprise. His nose began to itch from the constant shuffling of air and liquid inside of it and he rubbed it with the back of his wrist, listening to snow fall from his jacket and hit the ground. He sat in the chair by the window and contemplated his boots.

The tickle in Dean's nose intensified and he pinched at it with one hand, then the other. He wiggled his nose from side to side, sniffing against the drips and the intensifying sensations. It almost burned now. His chest puffed out in a sudden deep breath and he held it, riding out the feeling. The urge to sneeze dissipated and he let his breath out slowly, aware now of the pain in his face, from the wind whipping for so long at his skin. He steepled his hands around his nose and mouth and worked his nostrils, trying to get rid of the itch altogether, but it wouldn't go.

"Hey," Sam said, stepping out of the bathroom in jogging pants and wet hair. He dug a shirt out of his duffel and stood sizing his brother up, then dragged the tee down over his own head. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and padded closer. "Wow. You look like the abominable snowman."

Dean waved distractedly, his eyes tearing up. He snuffled and exhaled, snuffled and exhaled.


"I'b... f-fide."

Something nudged against Dean's hand and Sam said, close by, "Kleenex?"

He felt at the box, then pulled out three tissues and held them to his face. He blocked off one nostril, then the other, blowing for all he was worth.

When he was done, he took a deep breath and sighed happily. But the tingling started up again, and grew until he was blind with tears.

"EHH-hhhhh. Hh-hh-hiiihhh..."

"You catch a cold out there?"


Dean found new tissues with shaky fingers and held them up. "HH-HH-HHTCHCHCH! HA-KHKHOOEY! HHHHH-HHDGDGDGSH!"

"Oh my God," Sam said. "Bless you." His warm hands were on the sides of Dean's face now, and now running through his damp hair.

Dean crackled and burbled into the Kleenex, then folded them over and did it again. He wiped his eyes and looked up at his brother.

"You're shivering," Sam said. He lured Dean's arms out of the sleeves of his jacket, then made quick work of his bootlaces. As he undid his jeans, Dean felt a fresh burn start up in his nose. He sniffled in frustration, then stood to get free of his pants.

"My wet little monkey."

Dean wiggled his nose and scowled and went where Sam's warm arms guided him, into his bed. "HH-hehhh..."

"More sneezes?"

The covers came up under Dean's chin and he rolled onto his side, teeth chattering in the coolness of the sheets. He heard Sam moving around but could only focus on the blaring irritation in his nose. "HH-HIH... HH-HH-HH-HAH..."

The bed dipped and suddenly Sam was warm around him, stroking down his side, curling up behind his knees, beaming down against his shoulders. Dean shuddered and relaxed, melted into the embrace.


"Holy crap. Still breathing?"

Dean felt fresh Kleenex slip into his hands. He raised them and blew, and then he blew some more, until he was lightheaded. Afterwards he took a deep breath in through his nose and sighed. "Still breathing."

"I'm making hot chocolate."

Dean heard the kettle start to rumble as it approached the boil. He turned in Sam's arms and nestled into his chest. He coughed, and rested a hand on Sam's ass. "I think I caught a cold."

Sam kissed the top of his head. "I think you're right."

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this was soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

sneezy!dean is always a GO for me!!! :yes:

i hope there will be moaarrrr!! :wub: *puppy eyes* :lol:

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I'm in love with you, you and that brilliant mind that makes up all these brilliant little stories that turn me into a pile of goo. GOO.

I have two versions of sick!Dean in my brain.  One, in which he viciously denies and hides it for as long as possible. And two, in which he just lets it happen so casually, still saying he's fine, but freely admitting to being sick, and totally loving the affection and care-taking he receives.

I love both of them, but there's something so intriguing about the second. And you write it beautifully.


Bottom line. You're awesome.

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Thanks for the heads up about LJ, I haven't been there for a long time and it was nice to see so many lovely sick Dean and Sam fics! Also, thanks for the bonus ficlet, I agree with Rika, you do write the Supernatural boys beautifully.

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@Ciuty80 - Baahhhh so many good faces! Thank you so much, that was super-gratifying! clapping.gif


@Rika - wub.png I SNUGGLE YOU NOW. YES, so many mysteries to be solved around Dean and being sick. There are all these little clues in the show, but how do they add up? His embarrassment at Sam finding the knife under his pillow, his crankiness at Sam's grabby hands in the faith-healing tent, his leaning into Mary's forehead-touch, his demonstrative fake-coughing to guilt Sam out, his quick defense of having peed himself when the car hit him, his vocal impatience waiting for Sam to pop his shoulder back in, his easy pretending that he had been sick in the diner trying to drag clues out of young!John, his letting Sam see him cry, his early sawing off of the leg cast, his reproachful request for bedside manner at Dr. Robert's. What does it all say about Dean!colds??? The only thing to do is LOTS AND LOTS OF WRITING EXPERIMENTS. :D

@flower - Aw! blush.png Thank you so much!

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Your gen-fills just made me so happy! :laugh: The Canada one was so funny, and the first one was the cutest thing ever. Love practical-Sam.

And this:

"Dean makes a creaky sound and sneezes directly into the phone, or so it seems. Sam rubs his ear."


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@BlueRandom - Thank you so much!! Those three prompts all came from i_speak_tongue on LJ, so AT LEAST 50% OF THE CUTENESS IS HERS. cheers.gif

@SomethingClever - THAT IS A SUPER-EFFICIENT COMPLIMENT. Two words and I'm all glowyyy. Thank you!

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I know this is late. oops.


Can I just say that I am so glad there is someone else out there who analyzes these little tiny moments in the show, and then applies them to sickDean! situations. Way too often, I find myself rewinding and re-watching him do one thing or the other, taking it in, thinking about what it means. It's an in-depth study really. The anthropology of sickDean!.

I feel like this is gibberish. But it makes sense to me.

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The anthropology of sick Dean! I like that.

TOTAL SENSE-MAKING. High five. :heart:

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Oh man I LOVE this. I think it's my favourite of all of your stories, or the ones I've read at least. I... just... your descriptions are AWESOME here, everything is so vivid. Plus Dean is so damn cute in it, (I love the end!) and it's the very start of a cold which I like the bestest anyway. But seriously, your writing is amazing in this. I love it!

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Yes, the beginnings of colds! Totally the best part to me too. (Also the sneeziest part.)

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