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Resonant soul: the kishin did what?!


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Title: Resonant Soul: The Kishin Did What?!

Fandom: Soul Eater (anime)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Soul Eater. IF I did, you would know, because Excalibur would NOT have been the only character to sneeze.

Summary: What was supposed to be a routine soul-hunting mission has some troubling results for poor Soul...


A/N: Hey everyone! ^_^ So it occurred to me that it's been forever since I posted something that wasn't Fullmetal..... :rolleyes: Therefore, here is one of the many MANY short fic ideas that have been clamoring about in my head, from a different fandom. XD

I just recently started watching Soul Eater, and I love the characters to death... :wub: (get it... death.. lolz sorry, bad inside joke :P ) I absolutely ADORE Soul and Maka XDDD 

Aaanyway, I’m not too far into the series at all, so if I mess up anywhere I apologize. I just couldn’t keep the Soul-torture inside my head any longer. :twisted:


This fic takes place right smack at the beginning of the series (which is pretty much where I am... ) following episode... five, I believe. Right after Stein gets hired as a professor/doctor at the Academy.


For those of you who don’t know the series, it’s about these teenagers who are either meisters (weapon wielders) or demon weapons (humans who have inherited the ability to transform into specialized weapons). These kids train to fight evil beings called Kishin, corrupted entities who devour human souls. Whenever a weapon student eats a defeated Kishin’s soul (called a Kishin egg, incidentally), that weapon becomes stronger; eventually, the weapon can achieve Death Scythe status, which is the highest rank a weapon can have (I think. Not 100% sure on that one, but yeah.).



This is Soul, human form...




And his meister, Maka


(aren’t they adorable?? XD)


This is Maka wielding Soul in his weapon form XD




And this is the two of them together. ^^




Note: I haven’t finished this story yet – I was kind of hoping to see whether anyone was interested in it before I continue, as there is barely anything for this fandom on this forum. Therefore, lots and lots of feedback welcome!!! ^_^ You tell me if it’s any good/you like it/whatever, and I shall continue it if you all want me to. ^^



Kishin = "kee-shin"

Maka = "mah-kuh"




“Ready, Soul?”




“Let’s go! Soul Resonance!


On this quiet, moonless night, meister and weapon were hard at work keeping Death City safe from the dreaded Kishin, as always - while simultaneously working toward Death Weapon Meister Academy’s highest goal: creating the ultimate weapon, the Death Scythe.


“The legendary super skill of the scythe meister! Witch Hunter!!


One-Star Meister Maka Albarn and her weapon partner Soul “Eater” Evans were currently one of the most high-profile teams at the Academy. In spite of a few recent minor setbacks, they were one of the closest to achieving Death Scythe status, being a mere 28 souls away from the 99 mark.




As their soul wavelengths aligned, Soul’s scythe blade grew to impressive proportions, and Maka quickly swept him downward, sending a surge of deadly soul energy in the direction of their opponent.


Tonight’s adversary was a particularly disgusting character – a male Kishin who had demonstrated a penchant for devouring the souls of human children.


Attuned as he was to his meister’s consciousness, Soul could feel the anger coursing through her, more passionately than usual.


The creature was hit head-on by the blast, but did not disintegrate as expected. He did, however, fall to the ground as if trampled upon by some great beast, and lay there flat on his back, twitching.


Maka repositioned her hands around Soul’s haft as he morphed back into his ordinary battle scythe mode. “C’mon, Soul,” she muttered. “Let’s finish this.”


The shimmering image of Soul’s human form flickered across the scythe’s reflective blade, and he smiled, exposing his shark-like teeth. “Yeah, hurry up. I can already taste his soul.”


Maka nodded firmly, then set her stance. “All right,” she declaimed. “Your soul-hunting days are over, Kishin!” With that, she broke into a run, trench coat billowing gracefully behind her as she made straight for the villain.


She wielded Soul with an expert arm, sweeping down for a blow that would cleanly slice the Kishin and destroy his body, releasing his coveted blood-red soul. However, just as her blade was about to connect, the Kishin snapped his arm upward, scraping his ugly black nails along Soul’s surface as he leapt out of the way.


Maka gasped, struggling to keep her footing as the unexpected lack of resistance threw her off balance. As the man’s nails made screeching contact with Soul, she felt his entire scythe body shudder.




Her eyes widened in alarm as she felt Soul’s consciousness sharply disconnect from her own, and she let go as his staff began to lose tangibility. She let him revert back to human form, glaring in outrage at the insolent Kishin who cackled as he fled the scene.


“Better luck next time, Meister! Hehehe!!”


Maka clenched her fists, nails biting into her palms. “Why that slimy little...!


As the enemy melted into the shadows, she sighed in disappointment. Turning reluctantly, she glanced dejectedly down at Soul, who was rather lackadaisically seated on the hard ground. He looked dazed, his crimson eyes disoriented and bleary.


Maka blinked. “Hey, she began, padding over to him and bending slightly. “What did that creep do to you?”


Soul seemed profoundly confused, almost dizzy. “I... I don’t... know...” he mumbled, eyebrows drawing together. “His nails screwed me up... I feel... really... weird.” Soul squeezed his eyes shut, tilting his head and giving it a sharp shake in an attempt to clear it.


Maka offered him a hand. “You okay?”


Soul blinked rapidly, eyes resting on the proffered hand a minute before he finally grasped it. “Uhh...”


Maka gave him a worried scowl as she tugged him to his feet. At any other time, the boy would have answered immediately with something along the lines of “I’m fine, Maka, chill out.” But now, he gave no answer at all. Something was definitely wrong.


As soon as she let go of his hand, he staggered, arms splaying out as he fought to maintain his balance.


“Soul!” she cried, grabbing his arm to keep him from toppling over.


He grimaced. “Okay, yeah,” he said thickly, putting a hand to his head. “I ain’t feeling so hot, Maka.”


She stared, horrified, as he teetered. “What do you need us to do?”


He suddenly looked very tired. “Let’s go back to the Acad...” his mouth quirked downward in a frown. “Academ...y...”


An expression Maka had never before seen on him was spreading across his face.


“Uhh.. Soul...?” she ventured timidly.


He bared his teeth in a snarl, and she let go of him, startled. After a moment, however, she realized it was not directed at her. Embarrassed, she reached out again. “Hey, uh...” She trailed off, astonished, as her weapon partner’s face transformed into one of desperation.


Hehh..” his breath suddenly seemed to catch somewhere in his throat. “Huhh... hhnNGSH’huh!!!


Maka very nearly jumped out of her skin in fright as Soul sneezed, a rough, almost feral sound.


He dragged the base of his thumb across his mouth and gave her an irritated glance. “What?”


Maka continued to gape at him for a split-second, then reassembled her wits. “Oh!” Her brow knit. “Bless you, Soul!”


He nodded gruffly. “Thank...” His eyes dulled, and he tensed, nostrils quivering. “hh-hh... hngsSHU!!” He jerked forward, wrapping one arm over his chest. “NnKchJHUH!!” He straightened, swiping upward at his nose with the heel of his hand. “Damn...”


Maka regarded him incredulously. “Uhh... Soul? Have I.. uhm...”


He gave her a resigned look, the lines of fatigue beneath his eyes becoming more pronounced as he rubbed his nose. “What?


She swallowed. “Have I ever even seen you sneeze before?”


He squinted irritably at her. “How should I know?” he retorted, voice uncharacteristically scratchy. “You think I care about sn...sneehehh...” He clutched the side of his shirt as his eyes teared up. “hhnNGSHH! NGKCH’SHIH!!”


He clamped his jaw shut with each sneeze, but this particular fit seemed to rob him of his breath, and he opened his mouth to take a shuddering, lung-wrenching gasp. “hh-haehh...!” His entire body went stiff in anticipation, but at the last instant his nose disappointed him and he exhaled heavily, eyelids drooping.




The sneeze was still very much there, however; teasing him, tickling the very back of his sinuses. “heh-ehh-hh..” His breath hitched, then relaxed, and he furiously crammed his knuckles against the bridge of his nose. “heh..haehh...hh-hh..!


Maka cringed in sympathy as she watched him struggle mightily. “Soul...”


NGK’SSHUH!!!” The sneeze finally tore itself out of him, and his knees gave way from the sheer force of it. “Unnh...” He rubbed wearily at his face, hands shaking.


Maka bit her lip, kneeling down beside him. “I think you’re right, Soul,” she said softly. “We should go home, get you to bed.”


Soul nodded groggily. “Yeah, that’d probably be...” he paused. “Wait... Mbaka...” he sniffled deeply, and Maka pulled a face.


“Ew, Soul...”


He glared sullenly at her. “Maka, it’s too early to go hobe... we should at least go back to school and get the... theehh...” His breath caught again. “hngTCH’HUH!!


“Get the what, Soul?” Maka said reprovingly. “Look at you. You can barely talk.” She gave an emphatic shake of her head. “No, we’re going home.” She hauled him to a standing position. “Come on.”


He stumbled sluggishly forward. “Yeah. Okay.”


His lack of further resistance increased Maka’s concern exponentially.


“You know, Soul,” she murmured as they walked the silent street, “you feel kind of warm... maybe you should stay home from school tomorrow.”


He snuffled noisily into his sleeve. “I’b a debud weapud, Mbaka,” he contended. “...Dot ad ordidary huban. I’b dot sick.” He sighed, the air gurgling deep in his chest. “Baybe I’b allergic to subthi’g...”


Maka eyed him doubtfully. “Yeah, sure, maybe,” she said, not at all convinced. “For now, though, let’s just go home and take it easy, okay?”


He nodded lethargically, wiping his pitifully reddened nose on his cuff. “Okay.” His gait faltered, and he clung tighter to her arm for balance. “Thags.”


A temporary, awkward silence descended between them, and Maka scuffed her boots along the old pavement as she and Soul slowly began to make their way back to their sector.




Even through the sturdy fabric of his jacket, Maka felt him shiver.


So... he was sneezing, groggy, cold, AND he was thankful.. Maka’s heart sank. This did not bode well.



That’s all I have so far. Lemme know what you think! ^^ I love MakaXSoul..... they’re soooo cute!!! :laughbounce:

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OMGOSH ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS??!!? XDDDD I hadn't gotten that far yet... obviously.... but ZOMG THANK YOU!!!! drool.gif *ahem*... fangirl spazzing done.

Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it happy.png

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Oh, gosh, I just love this too much! ;A; First off, Soul Eater is epic, and Soul getting sich is just too cute an image. Maka and Soul are just too awesome a couple, too. And your DETAIL! Sweet Lord, that was beautiful! All the little tidbits of detail are just amazing, and it strings the whole scene together. I love thiiiis. ewe

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It is VERY nice. :yes: You're a great author. And I would definitely like to see where this is going!

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I looove this. You always pick the cutest characters to torture >:3 *drools over Soul*

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omg this is wonderful!!!:drool: :drool:

so much sneezes in only the first part O_o

what will happen then in the second part??!!?!?! :lol:

i love it, please more!! :wub:

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*tears of sheer, unbridled joy* .... I am SO GLAD such a talented writer can cover ALL MY FAVORITE FANDOMS! DEAR LORD! *rolls around on ficlet* .. MORE, MORE, MORE~! Whenever you have time, or the inclination, of course <3 The characterization is spot on, as always.. I love Soul so much~.. and seeing him in misery is even better >:3

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:DDDDDDD Thanks so much, everybody!! blushing.gif I'm really glad you all like it. :3 Since you do (and so do I X) ) I have decided to finish it, though I don't know how long it shall take me due to homework and other unpleasantness hammer.gif lol but the actual writing shouldn't take me that long, since I know exactly where I want to go with it and it's nowhere NEAR as long as the two other unfinished fics I have up here..! heh.gif

You always pick the cutest characters to torture >:3

Why thank you! XD I don't suppose I have to tell you that that's intentional... aaevil.gif Soul...... hnnngg..... hypnonew.gif LOL Idk why exactly, but I find him both absolutely adorable AND totally hottt. heeheehee happy.png

so much sneezes in only the first part O_o what will happen then in the second part??!!?!?!

lol!! Yea i guess i'm kinda taking an unusual angle with this fic, aren't i... I usually tend to do many pages of plot establishment before I get into the sneeziness... but not so for Soul, he's just special. XDDD hehe actually, since this one is shorter, I didn't find it necessary to do any elaborate stage-setting... and as for what will happen in the next part? Lots more miserable Soul. >:3

I am SO GLAD such a talented writer can cover ALL MY FAVORITE FANDOMS!

biggrin.png Well, I think we have similar tastes, my dear XDD And I guess it works out nicely for all involved, right? ^^

The characterization is spot on, as always.. I love Soul so much~.. and seeing him in misery is even better >:3

mf_laughbounce2.gif I'm SOOO happy to hear that I'm doing characterization right, seeing as I've only seen nine episodes so far!! smile.png I'm really excited to continue it, though; it's a fantastic, unique series. MMMgghh, and SOUL, ZOMG. I luuuuuuv him, and Micah Solusod is BEAST. XDDD (if only they hadn't had him sound ridiculous when he sneezed... I KNOW he could do better than that rolleyes.gif lol that was so stupid it almost didn't count to me although I still squeed over itt X) )

Ahh, well... stuff played for laughs is never as nice as stuff played straight...

*drools over notion of sick Soul*...

Hehehe... random fangirl rambling aside, I agree with you happy.png Soul = wub.png

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hhguaaaaa 8DDDD

holy lords

I was actually thinking earlier today that there weren't really a whole lot of Soul Eater fangirlings here

and lo and behold! a miracle has shined over yonder hill /shiny

this may just inspire me to start reading it again

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"So... he was sneezing, groggy, cold, AND he was thankful.. Maka’s heart sank. This did not bode well." and

" “hh-haehh...!” His entire body went stiff in anticipation, but at the last instant his nose disappointed him and he exhaled heavily, eyelids drooping. “hehh...” The sneeze was still very much there, however; teasing him, tickling the very back of his sinuses. "

Those two parts were amazing :D Actually Maka does sneeze. No one notices though because it is in a very unusual place and you can't hear it XD. I'll admit I haven't seen this anime hardly at all...and that moon is creepy looking...but I gotta say that I love who you chose for your stories ^^. Male sneezing doesn't do much for me, but I love your stories that you've made for these anime guys :D (and do those guys like what you're doing to them? Probably not ;))

You seriously did a wonderful job with this story! Even though I haven't seen much at all, their voices play out in my mind as I read this.

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@Emily: biggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.png I know, there's not much Soul Eater stuff here at ALL, but the fandom's so AWESOME!!! XDDD (and MakaXSoul is just WIN. ^^) I've never read the manga, but I would imagine it's worth finishing... :3

@mysterysneeze: Thank you so much!! happy.png

Yeah, doesn't she sneeze in the opening or something? That's amusing, though I honestly would have rather liked it if she sneezed for real in the show... Laura Bailey does such an amazing job with her voice XD

OMGOSH the moon and sun @_@ WTFREAK. For serious. LOL... I never understood those... ew... and apparently it's never explained, at least not in the anime! Whhhy does the sun drool and pant, and WHY THE HECK does the moon drool blood?!.... haha yeaaah that's... odd. <.< but i still like the series, despite it's creepishness. :]

Male sneezing doesn't do much for me, but I love your stories that you've made for these anime guys (and do those guys like what you're doing to them? Probably not )

I'm honored that you can enjoy them, then! blushing.gif Maybe someday I'll have to write a female one to return the favor for your compliments XDD

(Well... wellll they aren't REAL, so they have no say in the matter...... waaaghh!! when you say stuff like that you make me feel guilty..! sweatdrop.gif LOLOL but that won't stop me... aaevil.gif )

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It doesn't stop me either! :hat: (don't know if this will work X_X) I know they wouldn't like it though...but it is too fun to stop ^^. (Poor characters XD. )

You don't have to write a female story if you don't want to ^^;. It would be nice, but I know it isn't what you like :). It would make sense if a caretaking backfired with two characters though in any sequence *ideas forming in my head*

Anyway, good luck with what you're going to do next, whether that be a story, school work, or anything that you need to do!

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This is awesome!! Took me way too long to comment on it. XD I don't think I've ever seen a Soul Eater fic on here, and even though I'm not all that familiar with the fandom, I'm enjoying where this is going so much. Every time you post another story, I'm very pleasantly surprised, and I really hope you end up continuing this! :D

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Hopefully I don't get into too much trouble for bumping, but I just had to fall in love with this all over again <3

I don't know if it will ever be finished, but what's here is just so fantastic :'D

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