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Self-Ob: Cat Allergies


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I have always been moderately allergic to cats; I can be around or in the same room with them easily, but if they come anywhere near my face it's over :S

My girlfriend and I got a cat a few months ago. He's very mild-mannered and a lot of fun to play with, just as long as I keep him away from my face. While we're sleeping we usually shut the bedroom door so the cat can't get in, but my girlfriend left for work early this morning and forgot to shut the door...

...so I was awakened by a stinging in my eyes and a vibrating sensation on my chest, and guess who was sitting on my chest and rubbing his head on my chin? Yup, the cat uhoh.gif

I instantly realized why my eyes were stinging so badly, and the minute I sat up in bed the sneezing commenced. I don't think I've expressed my own sneezes in phonetic form before, so just in case you're wondering they're very breathy--almost like a cough, and also very productive.


This continued until I managed to stumble to the bathroom and grab some tissues. I blew my nose, but it really only made the itchy nose and sneezing worse. About 4-5 more sneezes passed before I made yet another terrible decision: to attempt to drive back to my apartment (in my defense, that's where my allergy pills were).

It was about ten times worse than driving drunk. Even with my sunglasses on, my eyes were still swollen and stinging which impaired my vision, and I was still a sneezing, dripping mess. I suppose I should be thankful that I keep a box of tissues in my back seat, at least.

Before leaving the apartment I pulled about three tissues from the box and held them to my nose for literally about the entire trip. The sneezes kept coming, and I took every red light as an opportunity to blow my nose.

I eventually made it back to my apartment safely (obviously). It's been several hours, and even after taking an allergy pill I'm still sniffling and sneezing periodically.

The moral of the story: keep extra allergy pills at the gf's apartment because...the cat is there dead.gif

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If only I could be a fly on your windshield, and not the squished kind ;)

Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing <3

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I definitely enjoyed reading about it, although it was probably much less fun for you at the time. Allergy attacks are no fun...when they happen to me. Someone else, on the other hand... ;)

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Sneezy Sunny

Your descriptions are excellent, but it sounds scary to be driving when you were sneezing so much! Not to mention dangerous. Did you try washing your face before you left?

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