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Hello there:) It has been two years since I last posted a story, thus I'm a biiit rusty. Not much fun stuff yet, so sorry about that.


Noun. Lighthearted unconcern; the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you.


A quick knock on the door is the only warning I get before he enters, still dressed in his black blazer and my favorite blue tie of his. In just three long strides, he closes the aching distance between us.

His eyes are burning. Flickering blue flames. They crinkle as he flashes a lopsided toothy grin… that is, until his lips hurriedly dance across mine.

Painfully slow is just how he starts. So devilishly teasing. His lips are exquisitely soft and warm.

“Mmm,” he rumbles in that deep baritone against my lips.

After a few minutes or ten, the room is still spinning. With a gasp I drag myself away for air, my head absolutely swimming in his warm scent—musk, with a spritz of citrus.

One of his hands trails down my back as his angelic face, dusted with five o’ clock shadow, is pressed against mine. Naturally, I don’t mind. His long fingers lace through my hair, tugging ever so gently at the strands. His lips are rougher now. More desperate.

“Long day?” I breathlessly murmur in a voice an octave lower than my usual. He nods in agreement, lips still pressed against mine, until he breaks out a wicked smirk.

“You have no idea.”

He chuckles darkly to himself. Small laugh lines crinkle near the corner of his eyes. I cannot help but drink in his under-eye circles, the crease between his brows, wonderfully curly lashes.

Gosh is he gorgeous. I am so aware of his arms tightly wrapped around my waist. His warmth everywhere. His heavy breathing in my ears.

Suddenly, he grabs both my wrists with his hands and returns to bestowing fervent kisses on my neck, trailing deliciously slow near my lips. He kisses me everywhere but. That tease.


The bed is oddly empty when I wake up. I lean over the right side and see my blankets strewn about the floor. The weather, luckily, is just right for my blanket-kicking habit. A glance at the clock tells me it’s not yet seven, but the full sunshine suggests otherwise.

After sleeping in for twenty minutes, I take the walk to our kitchen. It takes me a good twenty-three large strides, but him, only seventeen small ones.

I stop by a photo hanging in our walkway. It’s of him with his family—one of my favorites—and I swear his smile is the brightest. But I am biased. Heavily so. And it is his smile that catches my attention the longest.

My bare feet stick to the mahogany panels. They make a slight pulling sound with each step.

Naturally, he is already there: perched at the breakfast table, coffee mug in hand, drinking his customary cup of black tea. While the man’s bedtime is not a minute before midnight, his internal alarm rings around five-thirty every morning. It almost makes me thankful that we don’t share a room.


“Good morning sunshine,” I say. He’s not wearing his reading glasses in spite of the morning paper he has in hand, and it’s too early for contacts, so I doubt that he catches my accompanying wink.

Nevertheless, he cracks his endearingly lopsided smile. I return the favor and pull myself the chair next to him, plopping down towards his direction.

A minute later our lips decide to greet each other. He is gentle and I am still half-asleep between light brushes. When he pulls away, I am tempted to pinch myself but I resist the urge, as I have for the past eleven months.

“Nice to see you finally uh—…ih!ugh—hngh!TsZ-ahhh! up.”

He pulls away as quickly as he can. My body reacts to his quivering voice as he tries to talk through the diversion, the delicate crinkle of his nose, absolute desperation, the harsh hand-free stifle… all followed by a wet snuffle.

He sounds miserably congested and I want to jump him. Another urge to resist.

Instead, I slap his arm.

“That’s just mean, you tease,” I try nonchalantly. He laughs at this, a deep and melodious sound.

“Aren’t you going to bless me?” he teases. My ears begin to burn and I’m sure my cheeks will follow their lead soon enough.

He laughs harder when I shake my head and pout, and then places a quick kiss on my lips before he is up and on the other side of the table in record time. I find his eyes and get a little lost in them, breathless.

His smile is wicked. And gorgeous. “You are just adorable when I get you all flustered.”

With that, he struts away into his room, technically the guest room. The one bed one person per room, as requested by my parents, is an arrangement he stubbornly adheres to. He is well in the running for the title of ‘most bloody irritating gentleman’, otherwise known as kiss-up-of-the-year. My father likes him far more than he did the last boy.

I find myself appreciating his behind as he strides down the hall. He absolutely knows that effect he has.

While I debate whether eggs or cereal will serve as breakfast, my ears attune to muffled sounds of dresser drawers pulling, doors shutting, and his shower starting. Sure, he chooses after I’m awake to leave me imagining… Not even five minutes have passed since I have gotten out of bed, yet already he has me wrapped around his finger.

I don't mind at all.

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Melts into a puddle on the floor.

Am sure that you can guess the type of voice that I have put w/ your gent. ;)

And I noticed the comment about glasses. :drool::D :D

Anyway.... this is Brilliant! I love the little random things that make it *Real* like about the family picture and the number of steps to the kitchen and about the sound that her feet make on the floor. I *adore* how you weave that in. It is Lovely- because it is just enough to really give a Vivid picture without getting bogged down. Perfect!!

Oh... and now that you have gotten me hooked w/ this smexy man- I Must read more!! :blushing: Ooops! :whistle: I mean... pretty please *bats eyelashes* ;):wub:

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*FAINTS* I'M COMPLETELY HOOKED!!!!wubsmiley.gif This is incredibly hot! The little nuances in your writing are just great....and I can't WAIT for him to get sicker. Please continue!worshippy.gif

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Hmmm.... definitely missed your writing, obby, and it has *certainly* improved with age and wisdom and so on. ;):bleh:

Love the way you've written it so very picture-ey, very much like the style. :) Le awesome. ^^

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I thought it had been a long time since I read anything of yours! This is lovely - the details make it so imagine-able ...

This made me laugh:

He is well in the running for the title of ‘most bloody irritating gentleman’, otherwise known as kiss-up-of-the-year. My father likes him far more than he did the last boy.

And cute stifles ... :)

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The writing is amazing, and the situation is extremely melt-worthy! Love it, Obby!!! You did a wonderful job!! More, please??? :D

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