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I have written Observations before but not a self-obs so hopefully what I share is worth looking at. lol

Sorry for any spelling errors or any incorrect grammar.

The past couple days have been torchure. My allergies started bugging me.

This Wednesday afternoon, It was a nice sunny day out and I was out in the garden with my mom trimming some weeds when I felt this light feathery tickle develop in the back of my nose and then slowly move down my left nostril. Of course I was around a lot of flowers. Right there I knew I was going to sneeze. Within seconds, I turned to the side and went: ACHEWW! ACHEWWW! AHH AHHHH ACHEWWW! ACHEWWW! After having that fit, my nose had gotten so stuffed up I had to go in the house and blow my nose with puffs plus tissues. Great Spring is here.

What's funny was I was pretty embarrassed after the fit because I dont like to sneeze in front of my parents or in public. I know it's weird, but its just how I feel. I usually stifle them when in public but if I had to sneeze really bad, like in this wednesday obs, then I let them out. Lol

I woke up later that night at 1:30 in the morning feeling a huge tickle in my nose. My nostrils were flaring widly and already my breath was hitching. The powerful sneezes were coming. I sat up in bed and sneezed 8 times into my blanket. I had scared my cat who was asleep on my feet LOL. By that my nose had gotten really runny, I had to pinch my nose closed to keep it from running (sorry if this grosses out some of you) Luckly, I had kept some spare tissues in my dresser drawer next to my bed, took some of those out and blew my nose like crazy.

Yesturday, I did chores. Laundry, vacuuming, make bed, etc...

I had to dust a few things. Right in the middle of dusting my computer desk, I can feel a tiny tickle develop in the back of my nose and my nose starting to twitch. I can feel the tickle develop strongly as it moved down my nose. By now you can probably picture a presneeze face and flaring nostrils. I muffled 3 sneezes in the crook of my elbow and then 3 more after dusting the last thing in my bedroom which was my lamp. Blowing my nose after every fit.

My mom noticed I was sneezing a lot and blowing my nose, so she went and bought Claritian.

I took a Claritian this morning and it seemed to work. I went out to lunch with a friend and hung out back at her place with no trouble (sorry :( ). But as soon as I got home later that darn small tickle returned. Only I didnt sneeze, the tickle just lingered and it continued to torchure me til I got to my bedroom. (I take it my nose got angry with me) I pulled out a tissue from my dresser drawer and waited. The tickle began to become strong and started to move down my nostrils. My nostrils flared and my breath hitched. I muffled 4 sneezes into the tissue. Used a fresh one to blow my nose with. Was sniffly afterward.

I haven't taken any allergy medicine yet and right now I feel another small tickle in the back of my nose. I hope this one doesn't torchure me. Oh well if it does, wish me luck. Sneezy luck that is. Lol

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great obs hope they don't get too bad this years supposed to be a bad one but maybe you'll not have it too bad!

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Wonderful ob's! truly amazing! the detail is amazing, i kinda hope the sneezes keep flowing for you, but on the other hand it wouldn't really be nice for you to suffer so, i hope it doesn't get too bad! (He said half-heartedly lol)

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What a brilliant self-obs. Lovely details, particularly the tickles annd their naughty movements. I wonder if when they come far enough down the nostrils they just have to force their way out with concomitant loveliness.....

More of the same would be divine...

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Keep us posted...very nice observation. I also share your concern over sneezing around others...I think many having our sneeze interest feel similarly, so it's not uncommon.

Bless you, hope you feel better, but also hope you'll keep posting. Great details...love that. Take care.

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